Missed opportunity

I was trying to get a bit of work done just now — and yes, I do occasionally attempt that, even though, as Jake Barnes noted, it’s part of the ethics of journalism never to appear to be actually working (when you get to that last link, search for "newspaper") — and the mobile started buzzing.

I didn’t recognize the number, but answered.

Me: "Hello."
Female voice, with a tone as though there’s something wrong about my voice: "Gracie?"
Me: "No Gracie here. Sounds like you’ve got the wrong number."
She, sounding less accusatory: "Oh, I’m sorry."
Me, taking it like a sport: "Not at all. Quite all right."

She hangs up, and only then, when it is a second too late, do I realize that I should have said: "When you do find Gracie, say goodnight for me."