A little help, Mike C

Hey, Mike:

Even though you may be, as Mary Rosh insists, "retarded," there’s something you know how to do that neither I, nor most of my respondents, know how to do. Maybe it’s an idiot savant thing; I don’t know.

Anyway, if you would share this mysterious knowledge with the rest of us, I think it would improve this blog considerably.

What I’m talking about here is inserting hypertext links into comments. I’ve finally figured out how to do it myself, but it involves logging in as the host and working in the guts of the HTML in a way that the general public can’t do; they lack the access.

I’m sort of guessing that you just write it into HTML on some other platform and copy it over, but I don’t know. Anyway, if you would please write out clear and simple instructions that even casual users could follow, that would be much appreciated by me, and, I think, quite a few others.

Thanking you in advance…

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  1. Herb

    All I know is that if you do it in word or Adobe or any other text program, it won’t copy the hyperlinks over, even if you save it as a web document. I’m looking forward to finding out the secret.

  2. Mike C

    In all the examples below, change [ to < and ] to >. Thus this:

    [a href=”http://www.davesite.com/”]Dave’s Site[/a]

    produces this:

    Dave’s Site.

    I type in MS Word and made an autotext entry to produce this:

    [a href=”

    I can then quickly copy and paste like this:

    [a href=”
    Dave’s Site

    and then backspace or delete to close it up to get this:

    [a href=”http://www.davesite.com/”]Dave’s Site[/a]

    On your blog some of the indenting and other features are disabled, so I use [blockquote] to start the indent and [/blockquote] to end it. I have at times forgotten to end the formatting with the /, in which case I make another blob entry with [/blockquote] so that subsequent comments are not indented.

  3. Laurin

    I must say that this little HTML tutorial is totally adorable.
    Here are some other useful HTML tags (replacing the [ and ] with < and >, respectively):
    To create a bulleted (“unordered”) list:
    [ul] bulleted item #1 [/ul]
    [ul] bulleted item #2 [/ul]
    To create a numbered (“ordered”) list:
    [ol] numbered item #1 [/ol]
    [ol] numbered item #2 [/ol]
    To “bold” an item: [b]This makes bold[/b]
    To “italicize” an item: [i]This makes italics[/i]
    And don’t bothe memorizing these things. You can find all the HTML tags you could dream of at WebMonkey.com!

  4. Dave

    Brad, on the subject of improvements, your blog needs a flag to indicate that new items have been posted on threads. Even a red asterisk beside the title on the Main outline would be helpful. It is tedious to have to check “old” threads to see if someone is still posting. Just a suggestion.

  5. Mike C

    Laurin –
    Brad’s blog SW doesn’t like bullets and numbers; you get the list indent, but no bullet or number in front. Italics and bold work, but underline doesn’t.
    I blame Bush.
    I tried a bunch of tags one day when I was drinkin’ and had nothing better to do. Very few work, but I forgot which ones…

  6. Brad Warthen

    Dave, I’m not sure I follow. Could you give me a link to a blog that does what you’re talking about, so I can see if it’s something I could do?
    And Mike, does SW mean software? My software is pretty kludgy (an old word I think I’m using incorrectly, but you should be able to get it from the context), but I can do bullets and numbers. Or at least, I can in text. Not in headlines, though.
    I blame Bush for this, too, by the way. Now if we could just get everybody to blame Bush — even Lee — we could get that out of the way and move forward.

  7. Mike C

    By “SW” I did mean “software.”
    My remarks on lists (numbered and unnumbered) refereed to what formatting features can be applied in comments; I understand that your main blog has many formatting features, as does our group effort over at The Columbia Record. But no formatting whatsoever, not even line breaks, can be inserted over there.
    On the right-hand side of Tom McGuire’s blog you’ll see “Recent Comments” just below “Recent Posts.” Something like that might help meet Dave’s request.
    Because Bush is to Blame for Everything, I like to read this occasionally. At times it’s almost as fun as the master parodist, Scott Ott.
    Which reminds me: While Googling around a few weeks ago I discovered that a few religious folks had taken this classic Ott parody about the Episcopal Church electing a Muslim Bishop as being true. The post has been deleted, but Google’s cache still has the entry and comments here.
    There is no higher form of flattery, no?

  8. Laurin

    That’s weird, Mike. Looks like Brad’s blog is built on Typepad, which is the software I used many moons ago, and I never had trouble bulleting. Odd… Thanks for the clarification, though! In a perfect HTML world, those tags work….


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