So happy together

Also today, I ran into USC President Andrew Sorensen on an elevator. In contrast to my cluelessness on my last two posts, I did manage during the short ride to determine what he was up to.

He was on his way over to what he termed an "unprecedented" meeting with Speaker Bobby Harrell.

What was so new about this? "Carolina and Clemson are talking to him at the same time," Dr. Sorensen said. "And we’re using the same numbers." Basically, he was talking budget requests.

To those of us who remember the old days of tigers and chickens fighting like
… well, like cats and birds — in the General Assembly over funds, we have already seen a remarkable degree of cooperation between the state’s three research universities (counting MUSC) in recent years.

But this sort of coordination does sound new. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

2 thoughts on “So happy together

  1. Lee

    I wish our legislature would demand of Dr. Sorensen and other college administrators some hard numbers before appropriating huge sums on vague descriptions of glorious projects.
    Not one penny for new projects until they demonstrate that they can reduce tuition and roll back expenses. College mismanagement is a serious threat to our state and nation being able to educate a large segment of our population. Tax increases to reload the college loan coffers is not the solution.

  2. Lewis Burke

    Brad: As another former local Habitat president I suggest you consider traveling to Miss. or La. to help rebuild homes. (I did some cleanup work in Biloxi in Dec. in area very much like the 9th ward. It is a real eye opener.) Tom Wall Methodist chaplin at USC is organizing such a trip in May to N.O. BTW I think I believe N.O. had a pop. of about 600,000 in 1960 but was down to 450,000 because of white flight.I wonder if there is not more less flood prone land in NO. I cannot see us allowing NO to become a white upper class city. We have to provide a means for the people to return. If not we will have lost the birthplace of jazz, dixieland, etc. I cannot imagine telling Fats Domino he can’t move back home. He still lived there and had to be rescued. Lets not walk to New Orleans lets ride down in May and help rebuild.

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