And you thought Vegas couldn’t get any tackier…

I’ll give you a little rest from writing your own captions. Here’s a real-life photo and caption from AP. Leave it to an operation with Myrtle Beach ties to teach tacky to Las Vegas. Maybe this could be taken to the next level if they made a "reality" TV show about it, but that’s about the only way I can think of.


Bartenders gather at the bar area for training at Hooters hotel-casino
in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Feb.1, 2006. Hooters’ first ever
hotel-casino, featuring 696 rooms and a 30,000 square foot casino with
more than 200 Hooters Girls, officially opens on Friday. (AP Photo/Jae
C. Hong)

8 thoughts on “And you thought Vegas couldn’t get any tackier…

  1. JFH

    Sign over BlackJack tables:
    Based on our previous problems with lawsuits:
    At this casino, going over 21 will be called “mammary glands not to be objectified independent of their size or amount going over 21”

  2. Capital A

    Why couldn’t they wear garnet and black instead of disgusting orange?
    Oh, yeah. Boobs. My mistake.

  3. Anton

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  4. Nami Dalufin

    I bet guys are too happy to see in beautiful girls in mini’s while giving your order. I never thought a fancy resto can merge with a casino and a hotel all in one. Great idea! I think gambler visiting there are surely a winner without betting.

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