Galivants Ferry I

06stump_016Mayor Bob needs to have a lo-o-ong talk with Mayor Frank.

Honestly, I don’t get the trolley thing. What it has to do with running for governor, I don’t know. But I know it didn’t work that great in Columbia, and I doubt it would work any better in Florence.

Anyway, I was struck by the fact that Mr. Willis had invested so much in signage. Unusual signage. Even innovative signage — although I have to say that the first thing I thought of when I saw this display was, "Jim Hodges. School bus. Breakfast-table issues." … and other stuff Mr. Hodges did when he was minority leader in the House, and later as gubernatorial candidate and then governor.

So it was kinda different, and kinda the same. And for a Democrat, the overall message thus conveyed was — forgive me — rather pedestrian.

Or perhaps I should say, "hackneyed."

Or perhaps I should go on to the next item.

One thought on “Galivants Ferry I

  1. Lee

    The trolley car is a perfect symbol for the out-of-date thinking of most Demcocrat politicians.

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