Signing off with vacation photos

his morning I’m checking out of the last place where I expect to be for a couple of days that has a broadband connection, so I’m going to act a little more like a guy on vacation. This could be my last post for a day or two. At the same time, I could find myself in a coffee shop with free wi-fi and get inspired. Who knows?

I’ll close with these images that I took Monday at Carlisle Barracks, home of the U.S. Army WarThorpe_plaque College, and former home of the Indian school where Jim Thorpe launched his unparalleled athletic career. I managed to find the gym named for him — still being used by the Army’s up-and-coming officers. After searching the grounds for his statue, I discovered that they had moved it inside the gym. Now you know about as much about it as I do.

Have a good week. You’ll hear from me when you hear from me.


7 thoughts on “Signing off with vacation photos

  1. Capital A

    In related unrelated news, I’m heading to NYC for “vacation.” Pray for me. Seriously.
    Last chance to ask for any souvenirs from my MAD Magazine tour at the Warners building. It’s the only part of this trip I’m expecting to not be totally bleech.
    Ah well, into the belly of the beast…
    What, me worry?

  2. kc

    Last chance to ask for any souvenirs from my MAD Magazine tour at the Warners building.
    Really? I’ll take an Alfred A. Neuman refrigerator magnet, please. 😉

  3. Brad Warthen

    Dang. I was driving all day yesterday, and missed my chance.

    I’d have liked an Alfred E. Neuman, or maybe a souvenir Poiuyt — you know, one of those impossible Escher-type blivets they used to stick into drawings everywhere?

    You may say, "But I can’t get you one; they don’t exist." Well, since it’s too late to ask anyway, I thought I’d at least ask for what I want.

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