The Kingpin moves in

In response to my last rant about the governor refusing to debate, one of my readers referred to his opponent as "Doc Ock."

Well, the governor may not be afraid of Doc Ock, but if you ask me, the whole gang of them — Doc Ock,Kingpin_1 Spider-Man and the Green Goblin — ought to be very afraid that The Kingpin is trying to muscle in on this very same territory. He’ll stop at nothing, and he’s just about as strong as Spidey.

He says he only interested in casinos, but that’s just the start of his strategy. He’s made no secret of his wish to run the entire state.

He is pictured at left at the offices of The Daily Bugle, where he was threatening Editor J. Jonah Jameson.

He’s running under an assumed name, but you can’t fool an old Marvel fan.

9 thoughts on “The Kingpin moves in

  1. Capital A

    Hopefully, he’ll end up in jail where that same follicly-challenged, fictional character of your comparison currently resides.
    If you’re a real Marvel man, then you should be reading Daredevil (and Marvel Comics, in general) right now. There’s a Civil War goin’ on thanks to a president who looks and acts, oddly enough, like our very own Bushbaby (see also: Dr. Doom).
    Who needs Stan Lee when we have Ed Brubaker?
    This, coming from a DC bullethead.

  2. Capital A

    Waitaminute! Daredevil is supposed to be the trial lawyer, not Kingpin. This Aughtry guy must be the Kingpin of Earth-2.
    Excellent link, Warthime. You’ve provided access to two laugh-out-loud, bwahaha photos in just-as-many days.
    Excelsior, true believer!

  3. Randy E

    I hear they are organizing the prostitution at the World Cup venues for the fans in “need.” Maybe in addition to casino gambling, we could have some brothels next to The Spur for interested fans.
    We could have a latex tax to pay for the driver that Bauer “needs.”
    We could have a 1 cent “sales” tax on business there to pay for the 3-Rivers Festival.

  4. Aaron

    Perhaps they could start arbitrarily killing off main characters like in the recent debacle of an X-men movie.
    The man looks so untrustworthy as to make my spine shiver in abject horror. So horrific that he could be a trial lawyer.

  5. Capital A

    In my local paper’s Primary Primer, Aughtry is the only candidate who left blank the section for describing the method and means for achieving his platform’s goals.
    Luthor (or his henchwoman) would have filled in that box from edge to edge. Clearly, this man is a clone, at best.

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