The stature of the Gov Lite

Watching the very first seconds of tonight’s debate (about all I have time for since I have a good couple of hours of regular work left to do tonight; I’ll watch the streaming video later), something occurred to me immediately.

Perhaps it occurred to you, too.

I had thought Rod Shealy’s explanation of why Andre wanted to do the debate standing up was sort of odd and unsatisfactory.

Now I see a possible alternative motive. Do you?

24 thoughts on “The stature of the Gov Lite

  1. David

    Aren’t their better topics in a short debate than the moderator asking about the importance of former President Bush offering an endorsement in a primary.
    What a stupid question.

  2. David

    Pretty good stuff right now.
    Jordan seems to be wasting his time. But he seems ok in the debate so far.
    A lot of “puff” stuff though. Talking about things they have no control over as Lt. Governor.

  3. David

    I like what Campbell just said – “I have yet to see a silverbullet answer for education.”
    or something like that.
    also said kids returning home to an atmoshere where the parents don’t give a rip hurts more than the education can help a lot of the time.

  4. Brad Warthen

    OK, yes, I’m sort of halfway listening while I work….
    Compliments to the live link on Good one, guys.
    …”Gentlemen, don’t shake hands…” They can’t tell time…

  5. David

    Campbell – ” No silverbullet for education.”
    – seems intersted in pilot programs for education to test what will work with regards to choice – says have to be careful what we get ourselves into.
    Jordan- Put Parents in Charge – “is the silverbullet for education. It will work. ”
    Bauer – statement about his dad and the GI Bill. Seems for Put Parents In Charge act.
    Actually seems close to Campbell’s position but a little more in favor of Put Parents….

  6. David

    Moderator asked about Put Parents in Charge
    Bauer’s comments were funny. The definition of insanity might also be – speeding repeatedly when you should be setting a good example.
    Jordan seems ok to me. He seems very sincere. I actually like his style of speaking – very non politician. He has no chance though and he knows it.

  7. David

    Another useless question (maybe the questioner was just giving the others a chance to take a shot at Campbell so maybe it is a decent question)
    Do you need a college degree for this position? (directed at Campbell who is a few hours short of a degree from USC)
    All 3 said you didn’t need one and didn’t even come close to using the issue to bash Campbell.
    Good answers and way to stay above board.

  8. Brad Warthen

    Campbell says the governor has been unfairly beaten up over ecodevo.

    Does that mean that fellow Republican leaders Bobby Harrell and Gresham Barrett are unfair?

  9. David

    I think a little of ” Sanford is going to win, better use that to my advantage” is creeping in.
    No real meat to this debate.
    All 3 come across as good ole folks.
    No pot shots. Too bad. -ha.

  10. David

    Yes, I will vote for Campbell but Andre did fine.
    I actually didn’t hear much difference between Andre and Campbell. Course I believe they are different personall and that is why I prefer Mike.
    But Andre came across well. All 3 did really.

  11. David

    Well, I don’t hold that against him really. He has apologized for it and I know I have said things before that I really didn’t mean.
    He did fine, but I just don’t see a real candidacy going on here with him.

  12. Randy E

    Brad: did I hear this right, Andre was speeding because he’s very busy? And now he will have to “cut way back” on his schedule because he can’t go 40mph over the speed limit?
    My wife had a great observation; Andre acts like a frat boy. Reminds me of Otter, I think, who was defending their actions in student court.
    Campbell seems like a class act.

  13. Preston

    The debate was painful. Granted, the cream of the crop will not rise to the top to run for such a superfluous position.
    It seemed to me that Jordan was running interference for Andre in an attempt to pull voters away from Campbell (he did invoke former Gov. Campbell’s name at least a half dozen times in reference to the impact the former governor had on his leadership style.)
    Hard to distinguish between any of them. Their answers all avoided the questions and provided gross generalities that a trained monkey could provide.
    How many times can I listen to that boy-ape talk about how he is “a heart-beat away” from being governor. This is real life and not some pulp action movie.
    In all honesty, I had to cut it off at 7:30 because my blood pressure got so high that I blacked out and my wife had to revive me.
    Viva SC, we’re in a world of hurt.

  14. Randy E

    I was actually pleased with the tone of the “debate.” They had chances to take pot shots at each other but didn’t.
    I also liked how they started off addressing tough criticism that has been directed at each.
    Andre is slick. King is quoted as saying “educating without morals is creating a menace to society.” I think Andre is dangerous because he’s a smart guy and knows how to spin with the best.


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