Go give blood. NOW!

he South Carolina region of the American Red Cross is experiencing a severe blood shortage. That means we are all experiencing such a shortage.

Not giving enough blood to keep safe amounts on hand is par for the course around here. If anybody can explain why South Carolinians in the Midlands and Lowcountry (Greenville’s in a separate region) won’t chip in and give on a regular basis, I’d like to hear it. To me, it remains a mystery.

I know why I used to not give — I was scared. But I got over it, because I came to understand how bad the need was. And if I can get over it, you can. I’ve never been as afraid of anything as I was of giving blood. Just typing this paragraph mentioning giving blood would have made me feel faint. I’m still afraid every time I give, but I do it anyway. It’s good to face your fears.

People give in Iraq, and under considerably less comfortable conditions than we have at the local Red Cross (see above, in the Shiite slum of Sadr City in Baghdad). Why do they do that? Because they understand the need. Well, we have a need, too. We should respond to it. You can make an appointment online, or call 1-800-GIVELIFE or, in Columbia, 251-6138.

The Red Cross has extended its hours today, tomorrow and Friday in light of this emergency. Make an appointment and go. Or just go. I’m about to call them myself.

9 thoughts on “Go give blood. NOW!

  1. Herb

    They won’t take mine. Unless they’ve changed the rules, they won’t take anybody’s blood who has lived in Europe since 1980.

  2. Dave

    Brad, I am O negative so they solicit me all the time. YOu just inspired me to give. I had been giving for many years and had gotten sick of all the questions about having sex with people with AIDS, prostitutes, and I have to travel to Mexico on business once in a while, and that rules you out. So now I will go back!!!!

  3. Brad Warthen

    I sort of enjoy the litany about personal habits. You just have to have the right attitude. It can be fun:
    RED CROSS SCREENER: “Have you paid anyone to have sex with you within the past five years?”
    ME: “No, I … well, hang on. In how long?”
    SCREENER (somewhat alarmed): “Five years.”
    ME: “And when you say ‘paid,’ you mean cash money? Would barter count — say, a chicken, or my beer bottletop collection?”
    SCREENER: “I … well … paid is paid! Money, barter, anything! It would all be bad!”
    ME: “It would? OK, then — No, not in the past five years.”

  4. Dave

    How bout the question about – Have you shared a needle with anyone in the past 5 years? Answer – No, but I accidentally picked up my co-workers coffee cup and drank out of it, does that count?

  5. Dave

    Doug, Brad would get the extra large needle from Mary Rosh. Probably not in the arm either. haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. steve

    our donor center is full of volunteers today giving the gift of life. Many thanks to you for your “take no prisoners” appeal to the community.
    Steve Maness


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