Technical difficulties

Yes, I know the display on the main page of my blog is messed up. I’m trying to fix it. So far, none of the usual stuff is working. Basically, every change of format in a post — indented type, or italics — is imposing itself on every item below it, and never switching off. The coding and everything looks fine, but it’s fouled up.

The good news is that for the first time ever, pictures are displaying on the main page. I don’t know why that’s happening, either.

As I say, I’m working on it, but under difficult conditions, including:

  • The fact that I’m very busy today doing my real job, the one I get paid for.
  • You know how maddening it can be to have a song running through your head, and you can’t get rid of it. I have that, only with aggravating circumstances: It’s a song by a fictional band (Stillwater in "Almost Famous") running through my head:   

    "FEE-VAH DAWG, bah-bah-da-buh-BUM-BUM
    Scratchin’ at mah back daw….ba-DUM-BUM…"

A colleague suggested I get professional help, but I don’t have Lester Bangs‘ phone number, and anyway, I think he’s dead.

Now, let’s see how all those format shifts I just did further complicate my problem…

6 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

  1. Brad Warthen

    OK, now it looks like it’s fixed. But I didn’t fix it. I don’t know what happened.
    Of course, the pictures are now gone. Oh, well.
    Let me know if you have further difficulties…

  2. Tim

    OK, thanks to you, I now have another song from that soundtrack stuck in my head – “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters.”

  3. Brad Warthen

    Yeah, but at least that’s a real song.
    It plays just as William Miller is running down the streets of New York urgently seeking Penny Lane, and passes a cab in which the real-life Jann Wenner is sitting reading a newspaper.
    You know, if I could figure a way to make money off the stuff I remember that is totally inconsequential, I’d be rich.
    I mean, I got that right, didn’t I? Or were they playing something from Led Zeppelin? No, I think it was Elton John, and not “Tiny Dancer”…

  4. Tim

    Right you are. “Tiny Dancer” was the one they all sung on the bus after Russell’s drug-induced “golden god” episode. And, of course, the airplane scene was based on a real life event involving Crowe and the Allman Brothers.

  5. Brad Warthen

    Well, they sort of sang “Tiny Dancer.”
    If you listen carefully, you’ll notice that they cut this bridge out of the song:
    “But oh how it feels so real
    lying here with no one near,
    only you,
    and you can’t hear me
    when I say soft-ly,
    … instead, they just jumped straight into the refrain (“Hold me closer, tiny dancer…”). The scene would have dragged otherwise.

  6. bill

    I’ve seen the movie over twenty times and watched the bus scene at least fifty.Love it when Penny glows “You are home”.
    Brush with greatness:I gave the Allmans’ drummer’s(Jaimo)girlfriend(Benzena)a ride back from the Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970,she took me back stage to meet the boys and Jimi Hendrix!(he was passed out).On the last day of the festival,the dealers dropped their acid prices to 50 cents a hit.Those were the days….

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