Waiting for Floyd

oincidentally, given Tim’s initial comment on this last post, I was actually in "Mayberry" yesterday. First time I’d been there.

This is me waiting for Floyd to come give me my weekly trim. I’ll have more to say later today…

5 thoughts on “Waiting for Floyd

  1. LexWolf

    Doesn’t that show a rather high degree of vanity, Brad? Surely your hair isn’t growing so fast that you really need a weekly trim?

  2. Randy E

    I’m off to see Mssr Lehocky’s barber today. After seeing the closet picture of W, I’m avoiding all barbers Warthen.

  3. Randy E

    Laverne did the honors today. He “yes sirred” me about 20 times. He didn’t find any tics.
    I guess Opie took the picture of you at Floyd’s?

  4. Tim

    I’ve turned into a Sportsclips guy. It still freaks me a bit to let a woman cut my hair, but there’s ESPN on every TV, and I really like the hot-towel treatment. Sad, I know. They recommend monthly visits, but they also give you a little touch-up ear and neck trim between visits for free.

  5. tammy

    I would just like to say…how very Anderson Cooper you look in that shot.
    😉 t
    by the way…A. Cooper is hot.


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