The gloves go back on

If you click on the first link on my last post now, you’ll find nothing but, "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

That’s because after I posted it, the Rex campaign took down the item in question about Karen Floyd. (See the comment from campaign aide Zeke Stokes.)

Apparently, the Rex campaign is sensitive to y’all’s good opinion. But is it too late for that?

10 thoughts on “The gloves go back on

  1. robbert

    Jim Rex did what he wanted to do…he sent the smut out there for everyone to see, and now he backs away from it as if it were some slight oversight. Now, the post becomes the “2000 pound elephant” in the room that we should not see nor discuss…but of course it was pointed out to us by Mr. Jim Rex.
    This type of muck raking by the Rex campaign is why so many people don’t vote. This wallowing in the mud instead of focusing on issues is a detriment to our republic…and I resent the hell out of it.
    Jim Rex…in one day you showed us what you are, and it is pathetic.You owe Karen Floyd, and the good people of SC, an apology.

  2. Dave

    I could give Rex the benefit of the doubt and agree he probably never knew it was on the site. I read it and thought it was one of the lowest actions I had ever seen, on the web or off. Let’s remember that if Rex wins the same people who permitted that kind of below the belt garbage to be posted will be appointed to positions of authority. Enough said.

  3. Steve Gordy

    “I read it and thought it was one of the lowest actions I had ever seen.” Dave, I guess your memory isn’t very sharp; I vividly remember (because it happened to me) being push-polled during the 2000 GOP primary by slime mongers pushing Bush vs. McCain. If it really was the doing of the Rex campaign, it’s just following established tradition in SC.

  4. Randy Ewart

    Was it a thread or a comment on which the personal stuff came out? Is Harpootlian still in SC?
    I was already unhappy with the cash bar/band night and the lack of substance on the Rex website. This adds to it. I am seriously considering putting a Floyd sign in my yard (on a busy street) – and making a protest vote. This is coming from a teacher who leans democrat.
    Who’s the independent candidate again?

  5. Dave

    Steve, what is push-polled?

    Randy, the nasty stuff on Floyd was the main webpart on the Rex website, it wasnt a blog post.

  6. Doug Ross

    Push polling is when a phone bank is used to call probable voters and under the guise of conducting a poll, a question is asked to put one of the candidates in a negative light.
    For example, in the 2000 primary, voters were called and the script went something like:
    1) Do you plan to vote in the primary?
    2) Do you consider yourself a Republican or Democrat?
    3) Would you be less likely to vote for John McCain if you knew he had a black child?
    4) Would you be less likely to vote for McCain if you knew he was mentally unstable?
    There’s no real poll going on… it’s all about “pushing” the negative message out there. Sadly, the general electorate is ignorant and apathetic enough to fall for the trick.
    It’s a Lee Atwater style “win at all costs” strategy. It’s unethical, unfair, and, unfortunately, the only way many candidates know how to campaign.

  7. Dave

    Doug, I have never received a phone call such as your example above. Number 1, anyone who gives out personal information over a phone to an anonymous caller is possibly setting themself up for more serious problems than getting a crank call. Secondly, if you did happen to listen far enough into the call to hear the question about the black child, that would be the point at which you either hang up or in the worst case read the riot act to the caller. Words like jerk, moron, idiot, goof come to mind for the caller. Lastly, these kinds of calls can easily be done by the campaign that is accusing others of doing them simply to cause a voter repulsion backlash. So as long as its an anonymous call it would be very suspect to me as to the source. I can tell you that George Bush would not have participated in this tactic in any event. Trust that. Just like in the recent incident with the Rex website, Rex didn’t place the Floyd article on the page. It may have been an idiot that worked or volunteered in his campaign but let’s give the candidates the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Randy Ewart

    anyone who gives out personal information over a phone to an anonymous caller is possibly setting themself up
    It’s a POLL Dave (albeit a sinister one). How do you think they get the data for all these polls you read about?
    Once you heard about the black child, it’s Mission Accomplished.
    W wasn’t making the calls, but his campaign most certainly did. That’s how the Uniter not a Divider got to be the Decider.

  9. The Cackalacky Candidate

    Dear Mr. Zeke Stokes and Mr. Mike Green,
    What all of us really want to know is how any of your education programs will help our kids find jobs, at the end of their education, whether they go on to college or not.
    At most companies, the majority of jobs do not require a college degree.
    The military does not rely on SAT scores. They use the ASVAB.

  10. The Cackalacky Candidate

    And, Mr. Green, if you do decide to respond you will need to identify exactly which Mr. Green your are. There appear to be two of you listed on the Itemized Expenditures for Karen Floyd for her campaign finance reportings.
    Michael D. Green
    237 Spring Crossing Circle
    Mike Green
    2 Lily Pond Lane
    Now, if there is truly only one (1) M. Green that is a campaign expense for Ms. Floyd, then this raises a three (3) mighty curious questions:
    Q1. Why list expenditures for the same person to appear as two different people, with different addresses?
    Q2. If this is the way that Karen Floyd records her campaign finances, then how might we expect her to handle the mult-$Billion dollar budget of the South Carolina Department of Education. Exactly how many different ways will she expense textbooks, bus fuel, toilet paper, and vouchers?
    Q3. Exacty what type of “research” goes on at a Bed and Breakfast?
    Walnut Lane Inn
    110 Ridge Road
    A little clarification please?
    Mr. Warthen, perhaps you might field a call to the Floyd camp and fetch us an answer or two or three. The only facts that we truly know of any candidate are those of their campaign filings.

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