Enough, already!

All right, I’m just going to give the top bits from some of my latest e-mail releases. If you’re interested in more, click:

Congressman Barrett honored for pro-life, pro-family votes
WASHINTON, D.C. – This week, Congressman Gresham Barrett was recognized as a “True Blue” Member of Congress by the Family Research Council (FRC)Action and Focus for his Second Session 109th Congressional voting record. A handful of “True Blue” awards were given to the Members of Congress who demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment through their consistent votes on defense of family, faith and freedom… (more)

Prepared Floor Statement on Iraq
Senator Christopher J. Dodd

January 26, 2007
Mr. President, about a month ago I met a bright young West Point graduate in Iraq named Brian Freeman.   He was a bright, passionate young man who felt deeply about what was happening in Iraq.  He said to me, “Senator, it’s nuts over here.  Soldiers are being asked to do work we’re not trained to do.  I’m doing work that the State Department people are far more prepared to do in fostering democracy, but they’re not allowed to come off the bases because it’s too dangerous here.  It doesn’t make any sense.”… (more)

Congressman Clyburn Announces Staff Visits to Sixth District Communities
(Columbia, SC) – Sixth District Congressman James E. Clyburn today announced his staff will hold regular office hours throughout the district to meet with constituents.  Clay Middleton has joined the staff as Low Country Area Director and will serve Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton and Georgetown counties.  He will join Kenny Barnes and Carlton Askew in holding regular office hours in Sixth District communities… (more)


This week’s SCETV Senate teleconference hosted by President Pro Tem McConnell on Thursday, February 1st, at 9:30 a.m., will feature Senator Hugh Leatherman (R-Florence), Senator Clementa Pinckney, (D-Jasper) and Senator Jim Ritchie, (R-Spartanburg).  The topic of the program will be the South Carolina State Ports Authority… (more)

"Commerce Clips"
We are pleased to bring you another edition of "Commerce Clips," a weekly mailing that keeps you up-to-date with the latest in economic development and business news from across South Carolina. Please enjoy learning about what’s going on across the Palmetto State with this week’s installment of Commerce Clips!… (more)

Press Availability with Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates at the Pentagon
SEC. GATES: Well, welcome.
Just a word first. I apologize for the crowding. I would like to try
and do this on a regular basis. I’d like to try it perhaps once a week.
Frankly, I would prefer a more informal setting than the dais and the
big sign behind me and so on. I realize this arrangement probably
cramps some of you, and so we’ll look for another opportunity, just
have an evolution here in terms of what meets your needs and the kind
of more informal setting that I would prefer…. (more)

And so forth and so on…. Anybody getting anything out of this, or shall I turn off the firehose?