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Here is the essential existential conflict of the Blogosphere. You can either:

  1. Sit around in your PJs eating Skittles and drinking coffee, staring at a screen and doing an admirable job of keeping your blog up-to-date; or
  2. Go out and experience life, and see and hear and do things that would be worth writing about on the blog — and that would add a much-needed sense of reality to the discussions — but then you don’t have time to blog.

Anyway, that’s been my conundrum.

So I went to the inaugural ceremonies this morning, and I went to the governor’s barbecue tonight, and I took notes and collected video and still art, etc., but I haven’t had time to do anything with the footage I shot, and now I’m worn out and ready for bed.

I was going to put together a little video montage from this morning’s events, but I had just loaded part of it into my editing software this evening before I had to run (I had to go to The State‘s "20 Under 40" reception before I went to the barbecue). So here’s a trailer, or teaser or preview, or whatever you want to call it, from this morning — sans title, credits, and with most of the material missing:

I’ll try to give you something more complete before the week’s out.

I realize a REAL blogger would have had this up less by 2 p.m. today, but let’s face it — I’m a dilettante at this. I’ve got this full-time day job that often spills well into the night. All I can do is keep trying.

4 thoughts on “Inaugural teaser

  1. Dave

    Brad, I see the inauguration was not overflowing with attendees. Not surprising for two reasons, one is that upon the re-election of an official, it’s almost like attending one of those ceremonies where couples go through a “second” wedding. Nice but kind of boring. Secondly, the vast majority of Sanford supporters actually work for a living (i.e. the taxpayers) and cannot burn a weekday to watch a ceremony. So, it’s good that you went so we can all see some of the atmosphere, but at any rate the majority of S.Carolinians were very happy that he was being sworn in. Let us know if Oscar Lovelace, M.D. attended. Remember that guy.

  2. Ready to Hurl

    I have a more straightforward (and, I believe, accurate) explanation for the sparse attendance.
    Few people really like or care for Sanford– either personally or politically.
    He won because the Democratic challenger was underfinanced, uninspiring and unwilling to go for the jugular. He won mostly because of the letter after his name. SC voters held their nose and pulled the straight party ticket with an ineffective libertarian ideologue at the top followed by Peter Pan.
    I heard the most appalling factoid last night: Sanford is only the third SC governor to win a second term. I couldn’t help but laugh. I wonder by what standards Sanford could be judged among even the top ten governors of SC.

  3. Brad Warthen

    RTH, Dick Riley was the first governor allowed by law to serve more than one term.
    So “only the third” doesn’t mean much. There have only been five of them: Riley and Campbell (and now, Sanford) won two terms, and Beasley and Hodges did not.


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