Oh Dennis, you Menace!

A colleague shared with me today a photograph that provides the answer to two long-burning questions:Mrskucinich

Q1. Does Dennis Kucinich ever smile?
Q2. Why does he keep running for president when he doesn’t have a chance?

The answers are as follows:

A1. Yes. That’s his wife, Elizabeth, age … well, all I could find is that she was 31 years younger than he.
A2. It’s a great way to meet babes.

How do other candidates stack up on this critical issue? Well, Chris Dodd brags constantly about his young wife — that is, he brags about his young children, which for an old goat like him amounts to the same thing. But to his credit, he doesn’t give her her own picture page on his Web site (unless I missed it).

Both ladies, however, were briefly on display Thursday night — the backs of their heads, anyway. (Nice hair, huh? Hubba-hubba.):