She never calls, she never writes

No, I am not pining for Segolene — don’t jump to conclusions based on headlines.

What I am writing about is these slacker bloggers, who get so sucked up into politics that they turn away from "the life."

I had lunch today with Laurin Manning, whom I hadn’t seen since she and a friend were having such a fine time at the governor’s barbecue. Ostensibly, the lunch was with Kevin Griffis, the new guy over at the Obama campaign. He wanted to meet, and, knowing Laurin was working for the same brand, I suggested he bring her along.

And then I’m doing a regular check of other S.C. blogs, and once again ask myself, "Why am I even bothering to look at The Crunchy Republican? What happened to Sunny? As I wrote to an e-mail address I hope she still uses:

What happened
to you? You haven’t been seen in the Blogosphere since Kurt Vonnegut

Vonnegut was mildly entertaining, but there’s no use getting that broken up about it.

Yeah, I know she’s busy, and that Republicans take raising money very seriously (they probably make her count it twice) but I don’t accept that excuse. What’s with this younger generation today? People get jobs, and they quit blogging? Hey, I got a ob — you don’t see me letting it get in the way of fooling around on the Web, do you?