Update from Capt. Smith

From: James Smith

Thursday, June 14, 2007 10:24 AM
To: Warthen, Brad – Internal
Subject: RE: Checking


Thanks for the email — I have several
updates in the works – they seem to come in spurts as time

Its has been round 124 degrees these days —  lots happening lately — and
definitely a lot to write about…  Just saw some Portuguese commandos returning
from Helmand – they got ambushed on the road returning to KEF at a distance of
10 to 20 meters — one RPG round went through the passenger window – the tail of
the rocket glanced off the metal from the door frame redirecting the rocket
through the front window ballistic glass — shrapnel tore up the front
passenger’s face and neck and slightly wounded the driver – they will be ok… 
yesterday [an ISAF soldier] was killed by a suicide bomber in Kandahar and a bunch of
other stuff that I am not sure gets back there — we have now deployed several
teams and more are heading out soon.

I have missed being at the House —
I look forward to returning — I think it will be hard…  Hard to listen to
some of the same excuses for not doing so many of the things that need to be
done … could go through the list but you know them all…

All is well
here …


James E. Smith, Jr.

One thought on “Update from Capt. Smith

  1. Brad Warthen

    Sorry about the delay, folks; that message had been sitting there as a “draft” for several days.
    Right after I posted it, this moved:
    Afghans: Over 100 Dead in Southern Fight
    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) _ More than 100 people, including militants, civilians and police, have died in three days of fierce clashes between NATO forces and Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Monday. Some preliminary estimates of the death toll exceeded 200 people, but precise numbers were not immediately available because of the continued fighting in Uruzgan province.
    I’ve e-mailed Capt. Smith to see what he can tell us.


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