Can he afford some new signs now?

Did any of y’all see this development — Ron Paul touting the fact that he now has a lot of cash on hand?

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Reports: Though often regarded as a
longshot candidate for president, Republican Ron Paul tells ABC News
that he has an impressive $2.4 million in cash on hand after raising an
equal amount during the second quarter, putting him ahead of one-time
Republican frontrunner John McCain, who reported this week he has only
$2 million in the bank.

That report was dated Friday. This seems like really great and welcome news for Rep. Paul, seeing asRonpaul
how on Thursday, I took this phone pic of a sign at Gervais and Assembly.

Having money in the bank is nice, but at some point you’ve got to go ahead and spend some, Ron.

FYI, Since these two instances are the first times I’ve thought of Ron Paul in a while, I was reminded, so I finally got around to putting a link for him in the rail at the left-hand side of my main page. Enjoy. (I’m sorry you can’t see the rail from individual posts at the moment. I’m working on that.)

Meanwhile, I’m trying to add some new blog links, and take away some that haven’t been updated in a while. Two that are likely to go are:

Both were good to have when they were posting regularly, but as I say, it’s been a while.

Anyway, if there are some out there that I don’t link to, and that you think are relevant to S.C., let me know.

11 thoughts on “Can he afford some new signs now?

  1. Brad Warthen

    What do you mean, critical?

    How was I critical in this post, and toward whom?

    Anyway, to the rest of your question, do any of these suit you?

    That’s just some stuff that comes quickly to mind.

    Truth is, I don’t often have much occasion to write about Democrats at all, for good or ill. Most significant arguments in South Carolina over policy occur among Republicans, because they hold the power. And in the presidential debate, I haven’t gotten much interested in the Democrats since the ones I liked — Biden and Richardson — started fading to the background.

  2. Jeff M

    Hey, Brad, you could update Mike Huckabee’s link. His campaign seems to have bought, formerly owned by an anti-fan. The site has a new look, as well. still gets you there, though.

  3. Max Blachman

    Brad, thanks for carving out a place for me on your blogroll. Blogging was a blast, but now I’m hard at work on a presidential race, so I don’t think I’ll be updating anytime soon. I’m sure you’ll find someone to fill the void. Thanks for all that you do.

  4. Matt

    Ron doesn’t need to make signs…the signs you see are from his supporters…you see when people passionately support his message of freedom and less government he doesn’t have to hire all sorts of advisor’s and such like the other candidates and have pretty signs made up…unlike the other candidates whom have to sell their bad ideas and big government agenda, Ron Paul , his Message and his record speak and sell themselves…so if his name is written in shoe polish on the window a a car…his message is louder than any fancy nice sign.

  5. maverick

    I prefer his signs in Greenville on 385, where “Ron Paul Revolution” signs are popping up like opium fields in Afghanistan. And the “evol” in Revolution is spelled by using “love” backwards like it is stamped on the signs. Nice.

  6. Alan Smith

    I like Ron Paul’s hand-painted signs. It shows how many people are excited to work extra hard for the messages that Ron Paul represents.

  7. megan

    it looks like he’s just making fun of the signs he’s seen for ron paul…I LIKE the look of the homemade signs better because it so clearly represents his very enterprising, diy, grassroots supporters! he needs more visible mainstream signage, but I love seeing a homemade ron paul sign. I never see that for hillbama mcguilianison.

  8. Brad Warthen

    That looks much better, NH. One problem, though — your apostrophe isn’t an apostrophe. It’s an open single quotation mark, when what you want is the single-quote that goes at the end of a quote.

    When you try to type an apostrophe in FRONT of something, with a space before it, most word processors will give you an open quote by default. You have to hit the key a second time to get the one that’s the right way up, and go back and delete the first one (but don’t BACK over it, or MS Word will delete your space before as well).

    I have to do these things constantly, many times a day, in my work. They are maddening.

    And don’t feel bad. Our friend Laurin has the same problem with her logo over at this blog she founded.

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