OK, now you’ve got to get past ME

All right, here’s the deal: The registration thing didn’t work out so well. It was so complicated and so secure and so not working (I think) that I couldn’t leave a comment myself to test it.

So we’ll do the thing I was trying to avoid. From now on — for the duration of this experimental period, anyway — your comments will have to wait for me to approve them.

I will try to check frequently.

Once again, if you run into problems (or think you’re running into problems), e-mail me.

3 thoughts on “OK, now you’ve got to get past ME

  1. Claudia

    No kidding! After you invited me to come out and play in the GoodBye to Lex thread I tried and tried to post but got nowhere! I finally sent my post directly to you, in case you haven’t read your email yet. I’ll go back there and give it another shot…

  2. Weldon VII

    Well, I certainly feel better now. Nothing controversial will ever see the light of day here. Only arguments Brad finds reasonable will surface.
    Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be able to see whether this post passed muster.
    But this is a response for a day-old post, so my response may not show up, because this string of posts, precious short though it may be, may not track far enough to suit bloggers’ attention span.
    So why bother with it, the moderator might think.
    So why bother, indeed.

  3. Weldon VII

    But, lo and behold, he has bothered, and I have embarrassed myself by playing the straight man. So Brad has shown me wrong by showing his good faith, or shown his good faith to show me wrong, or simply posted my drivel after finding it harmless. No matter Brad’s motive, I have successfully stuck my foot in my mouth without even trying to imitate our present commander in chief. Life certainly can be glorious when you give it a chance. Oh yeah.

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