Your Graham alternatives thus far

Here are your two available, declared candidates who are opposing Lindsey Graham for re-election to the U.S. Senate at this time:

  • John J. Cina, who styles himself as an "everyday citizen, an hourly wage earner," and a "grass-roots right-wing conservative with unwavering principles."
  • Tim Carnes, whose Web site includes on its "issues" section includes 101 words about Iraq, and 571 words about immigration.

It is, of course, highly likely that other candidates will emerge. But for now, these are the alternatives for the "anyone but Graham" folks.

6 thoughts on “Your Graham alternatives thus far

  1. terri

    Republican primaries are strange things. On a good day, odd things can happen. Several SC Congressman could make a good run of it also Andre, and McMaster, and a couple of rich, well financed business guys that are the “shoot for the top” types…and dont forget the Pug Ravenel theory where someone comes home from LA or DC or NY…with lots of experience and cash…
    Lindsay will have to be very careful. He directly, and repeatedly insulted many of us…and we will not forget. It is not like a wrong vote or a bad speech…he said there was something WRONG with us if we did not agree with him…and that is a dumb thing to do.

  2. Brad Warthen

    Indeed, one would have to be a fool to believe that one can predict what will happen. Anything could.
    Meanwhile, I must take time to go look up what the senator actually said about the matter you mention. I thought he said racism was involved in this issue, which is as close to certain as any such subjective thing can be.
    That is not the same as saying each person who did not support his position had racist motives. I doubt that he believed that, and I doubt that he meant to say that. He’s a smart guy, and he would know better than even to think it.
    But as I say, I must go back and look.

  3. HARRY

    hopefully someone will run against him..i will never ever vote for this fool..stop the invasion!!!!! simple solution-enforce our own laws..fine and then jail the employers. if they can’t get a job, they will deport themselves and others will not come. i have no faith in rebubs or dems..


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