Listen for me on the radio

Over the next two days, I’ll be on three radio shows, starting with this one:

DennismillerHello, Brad. My name is Christian Bladt and I am the producer
for The Dennis Miller Show, which airs on 119 stations for Westwood One radio. I
wanted to extend an invitation to
appear on our show for a phone interview that
would last between 10 and 15 minutes. We do the show from 7am-10am Pacific /
10am-1pm Eastern, and as you would probably have imagined we would have you on
to discuss John Edwards, whom Dennis has spoken about on numerous occassions.
Ideally, we would love to have you on Thursday morning. Let me know if you would
be available.

I said yes, and I’ll be on at 11:15 a.m. Eastern Time Thursday. That one should be fun.

Then, at 5:30 on the same day, I’ll be on this one:

My name is Shawn Stinson and I’m the executive producer with the Danny
Fontana Show
in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m writing to schedule an interview
with you to discuss your blog talking about why you see John Edwards as a big
We broadcast from 3 – 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and the interview will
last around 6 to 8 minutes.

I confess I’m not familiar with that one, but I seldom turn town public appearances, especially when I can phone them in.

Then, on Friday sometime after 9, I’ll be back with sidekick Andy Gobeil on S.C. ETV Radio, as compensation for having ruined his regimen, as he griped in this message:

I’m very upset with you. You’re column -and the voluminous responses-
are keeping me from my run this afternoon (actually, that’s not a bad
idea…it’s too darn hot today).
Great piece…I think you touched on a concern many people have with Edwards.
I’d like to try to make some time for you Friday morning.
Hope you’re doing well.

Hey, I fully intend to work out every day, and don’t, and you don’t see me going around blaming it on other people… But maybe I should blame Bush. It seems to work on everything else.

Anyway, all these shows want to talk about the Edwards column, which, if you’d asked me when I was writing it Sunday night, I would have told you in no uncertain terms would have been forgotten by now. It just wasn’t all that deep — just me explaining how I formed the perfectly subjective impression that this one guy is a phony. Well, as Dennis Miller once said, "There’s nothing wrong with being shallow as long as you’re insightful about it."

9 thoughts on “Listen for me on the radio

  1. Ready to Hurl

    Congrats! You’re on your way to your 15 minutes of fame in the right wing media echo-dome.
    Dennis Miller: Don’t you think that John Edwards sucks.
    BW: As a matter of a fact, I can say FOR SURE that he sucks and is a Big Phony. Why, I personally observed him NOT talking to people PLUS one time before an event he looked bored but changed his expression when he went on stage.
    DM: So he sucks AND he’s a Big Phony, too?
    BW: Yeah, another time he was late to an event because– wait for it– he was jogging.
    DM: I hear that he’s a metrosexual, too. Probably windsurfs.
    BW: Hey, he pretends to be concerned about the poor but lives in big houses like Mitt Romney… hypocrite!
    DM: Wait a minute…
    BW: Heck, Edwards probably drives a fancy car while I have to buy used pickups. AND, he gave all the proceeds of his book to charity. I’d do that too– if I could write a book that anyone would buy…

  2. Karen McLeod

    RTH, I think Brad is entitled to his personal impression, which was based on his experience of the person. It was on the page marked “Opinion” after all. At the same time, I am more interested in whether Edwards will implement his political promises, and whether the political promises are viable. Also, I’ve heard from those who met Bush that he was always pleasent, and “such a good Christian.” Heaven save us from another “born again” who is of the kill people for Christ” mentality. Let’s try to find some one with an ability to put together a viable, reasonably ethical plan both for the nation and for our relationship with the world, who’s willing to work with those who don’t always agree with him (who doesn’t have to be “the decider”), and who, hopefully, has learned English at sometime in his life. I’m terrified that we’ll get another choice between a good ‘ol boy who’s been “born again” to petrified right wing credos and a poll driven left wing politico who’s too busy dodging slung mud, and too busy touting the latest poll driven position to have any visible platform of his own.

  3. bud

    Brad’s constant whining about partisanship is now fully exposed for the fraud that it is. If Brad ever wants anyone to have an ounce of respect his fight against partisan politics he would decline these invitations from the right wing spin machine. Miller and Fontana are nothing but neocon hatchet men using Brad as a pawn to advance their conservative agenda. By continuing with this foolish assault on John Edwards Brad plays right into their hands.
    Question for all. Does anyone still believe Brad is not a partisan?

  4. Brad Warthen

    Is Dennis Miller considered conservative? I haven’t run across him since SNL days. I thought his ideology was strictly wise-a__.
    In any case, I accept pretty much any invitation that my schedule allows. And these 10-minute radio gigs over the phone are easy to work in. (I’ll probably go to the ETV studio, though, since it’s on my way in to work — in fact, it’s in the same building where I USED to work.)
    Folks, I know that y’all who have the full-blown cable TV and spend more time in the Blogosphere than I do find it hard to believe, but I really, truly don’t keep up with this partisan stuff. I don’t know who’s on what side. I learn as much about who’s who in that respect from y’all as from anywhere else.
    Now bud’s going to do his usual thing of calling me a big fat liar, because that’s what he gets off on, but I have to ask — what the hell would be my motive for lying? I get what enjoyment I can from saying exactly what I think in a straightforward manner, then interacting with those who react. I truly don’t understand people who would conceal motives, or hide behind pseudonyms. If you want to find the character flaw, then maybe it’s the ego involved, the exhibitionism almost, in wanting people to know just what I think and just how I came to think it.

  5. Ready to Hurl

    bud, you may be overly harsh. I tend to think that Brad is more clueless than fraudulent.
    For years he’s proven that he doesn’t understand propaganda and the manipulation of public opinion by media outlets/personalities wholly owned by wingnuts. (An odd and peculiar blind spot for an editorial page editor, but that’s what we get from The State.)
    Now, he inadvertently stumbles onto a hot button issue and is thrilled at invites to third-string wingnut radio talk shows. Does he see himself as a chump being used for partisan purposes? Nah, he imagines himself as some “non-partisan” judge of character– a modern backwater Diogenes– of who just happens to be serving the wingnuts’ purposes perfectly.
    Whichever analysis is accurate the results are the same: a lame, shallow, hit piece based on little more than personal pique.
    (BTW, Brad, I’ve got your “non-partisan” hatchet right here.)

  6. Doug Ross

    It’s too bad these radio appearances probably do not allow call in questions from listeners. Here’s the ones I’d ask:
    1) Do you have any similar anecdotes about other Presidential candidates as those you use to label Edwards a phony?
    2) Do you consider Edwards’ “phoniness” more troubling when it comes to his qualifications to run for President than the personal issues Rudy Guiliani has in his background? Is phoniness more of a concern than adultery and being a Catholic with multiple divorces?
    3) Do you have any empathy for Edwards and his wife regarding her medical condition? Not sympathy – empathy. Do you feel he has handled that situation correctly?
    4) Is there any possibility that your perception of Edwards is influenced by your polar opposite views of the Iraq War?
    5) Do you still believe Joe Lieberman (who you endorsed) would be the best Democrat to represent the views of the residents of South Carolina as President despite his poor showing in the 2004 primary where John Edwards was the clear winner?

  7. Doug Ross

    Dennis Miller made a calculated move to become a right wing ranter/comic after his career took a nose dive following an embarrasingly bad stint on Monday Night Football followed by multiple failed television shows. His shtick is doing “rants” with obscure references to pop culture and history. He’s about as relevant now as Joe Piscopo is.

  8. bud

    Let me clarify. RTH, you’re right that Brad certainly believes himself to be non-partisan. Doesn’t everybody? Brad is certainly not a pure conservative partisan like say Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. He takes many “liberal” positions on energy, health care, smoking etc. And in his mind that exonerates himself from the charge of being a partisan. I simply don’t buy Brad’s characterization of himself. He is, in fact, highly partisan.
    I would characterize Brad as some type of statist partisan. Such a brand of partisanship is rare so Brad doesn’t really have a political party to identify with. But that doesn’t mean he’s non-partisan. He believes government should be involved in every aspect of our lives. Brad cavalierly dismisses any concerns about the government over-stepping it’s constitutional boundaries. In issue after issue Brad supports government intervention. When someone disagrees he accuses them of being partisan. He recently accused those of being against the war as being Bush haters. And his favorite target for his highly partisan rants are libertarians, the very antithesis of his own partisan inclination.
    I certainly don’t believe Brad is a willing accomplice in the neocon strategy of “swiftboating” as a useful political tool. Nevertheless he is now a party to the smear campaign of the right.

  9. Brad Warthen

    Since y’all are my advisers on this, does anyone have any insight into this Danny Fontana guy I’m talking to later today? A quick look at his Web site didn’t give me much, and I don’t have time for more. In fact, Mike’s waiting for me to move live copy now.
    Your impressions would be appreciated.

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