Tomorrow’s column: Sam Brownback


My column tomorrow is from our first editorial board meeting with Sam Brownback of Kansas. The headline: "Sam Brownback of Kansas: The Beatific Conservative."

It should be available on the blog shortly after midnight.

For those who can’t wait, here’s a clip from the interview upon which the column is based:


7 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s column: Sam Brownback

  1. BSR

    Dear Senator Brownback,
    If you are truly pro life you must now bow out of the race for president. The recent Ames straw poll clearly shows two things:
    1) The conservative, Christian, pro-life vote does not support Romney. Combined, your support and Governor Huckabee’s support in the poll was greater than Romney’s. The voters have spoken. It is time for the pro-life vote to coalece behind the one candidate who can carry the pro-life message effectively forward.
    2) Continuing your campaign will only continue to divide the conservative, Christian, pro-life constituency and will only contiue to prop up Mitt Romney’s false status as a “front-runner.” You know that Romney is not truly pro-life and that his candidacy is a danger to the very principles you stand so admirably for.
    Rich Lowry of National Review Online agrees, saying that continuing your campaign in the wake of the straw poll “might end up hurting the pro-life cause.”
    According to Lowry, continuing your campaign hurts the man pro-life voters want and, “in practical terms for pro-lifers, [your] campaign is balanced somewhere between pointless and counter-productive.”
    And, devastatingly, Lowry goes further: “the truth is that the Brownback presidential campaign is doing the senator’s moral cause no favors. If anything… his cause is being hurt by the association.”
    Senator, you are a great man and respected leader whom I admire tremendously. It is time for you to demonstrate that leadership and your committment to protecting the unborn by making a very unselfish decison — you must continue the important work of promoting the cause of protecting and honoring the dignity of all human lives — in the U.S. Senate.
    Senator, please. Choose life.

  2. Jeff Mobley

    Brad, I’m interested in reading that column.
    So, what was wrong with my comment on the Giuliani appearance?

  3. Brad Warthen

    I don’t know, Jeff. I haven’t seen it. And according to Typepad, the last time you left a comment — approved or unapproved — was June 13, 2006.
    And I don’t see any comments, on your names or any other, that I failed to approve on that post.
    So it must not have registered at all somehow.

  4. Wally Altman

    There must be something wrong with your software or something, Brad. I know I’ve read comments left by Jeff within the last couple of months.

  5. Jeff Mobley

    Ah, well, I think I can explain the confusion:
    I probably last posted with my full name on June 13, 2006. I have since been posting with “Jeff M.” Wally Altman knows who I am. In fact, he roomed with me in college.
    My guess is my last post just didn’t get through. Here is a para-summary:
    The video of Rudy comparing a complicated and non-uniform product like health insurance to plasma television sets was enough to embarrass even free-market capitalist types (like me). I tried to imagine Giuliani and Clinton debating over several months, and I don’t really see Rudy coming out on top of those debates. That’s why I don’t understand why many people believe he’s the one that “could beat Hillary”. Hillary Clinton is a solid debater who uses her words with precision. Mike Huckabee, with his relaxed eloquence and the ability to think on his feet, would be a better choice.

  6. Brad Warthen

    By the way, I made another tiny step forward in developing my video skills on this clip.

    As I’ve mentioned, I’m limited to 3-minute clips with my camera — which in some ways is a good thing, because I don’t have time to edit a full hour of video, and shooting tight makes me better able to edit tight. And I don’t think many of you are likely to spend time watching hour-long videos shot by me.

    In any case, not having the camera going all the time, I frequently miss the first few seconds of something interesting. In the past, that has meant lopping off the first sentence or so of the setup to a thought, and that degrades what I’m able to provide to you.

    But lately, I’ve started leaving my little digital audio recorder on whenever I’m shooting video, and this is the first time I really took advantage of it.

    Play the clip, and you’ll hear a voice-over from the audio recorder, which I cut off right at the point when, in real life, the camera went on. Yes, there’s a sudden change in audio quality — I don’t know how to make that seamless — but you get the whole thought. This is the first time I’ve grafted sound from one device onto the soundtrack of a video like that to enhance my video reporting. I’ve done voiceovers using a microphone plugged into the laptop (most famously in my critically acclaimed "Who Resurrected the Electric Car"), but this is the first time I’ve melded on-location recordings this way.

    Yeah, I know — nobody’s proud of me but me, and Oscar’s not exactly breaking down my door for this milestone. But I just had to tell somebody.


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