‘Bout TIME we got US some free trade, ‘stead o’ wastin’ it on them furriners…

The Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association sent out a press release today announcing that "GMA Urges Congress to Pass Columbia, Panama and Peru Free Trade Agreements."

The release went on in that vein, repeatedly using the spelling, "Columbia:"

(Washington, D.C.)  At a trade rally hosted by long-time supporter of free trade, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) today strongly urged Congress to pass Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Peru, Columbia and Panama, and to renew Presidential Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), noting that lowering barriers is the cornerstone of U.S. export policies.
    “We applaud Senator Grassley for his unwavering leadership on these important issues,” said GMA Vice President of International Affairs Emily Beizer.  “GMA and our member companies strongly believe Congressional passage of FTAs with Peru, Columbia and Panama is vital to foster our country’s important trade relations with these key segments of the Latin American market.  Likewise, swift renewal of Presidential Trade Promotion Authority is critical to ensuring that American business, agriculture and workers are able to continue to compete in the rapidly changing global economy by allowing the further development of new and improved trade partnerships, and ensuring that other countries do not have a competitive advantage over U.S. products.

You know, that’s hard to argue with. I hope the economic benefits of such a close association with los Estados Unidos will drag our poor land right out of the 19th century. Si se puede!