Fred Thompson’s values mantra, and more!


This morning, when I said something about going to Doc’s Barbecue today to see what Fred Thompson had to say, a colleague tried to save me the trouble by telling me ahead of time: "I’m for good things, and against bad things."

Sure enough, it was just about that broad and elemental. Ol’ Fred trotted out everything but Mom and Apple Pie. Not a lot of specifics, mind you, but a whole lot of empathizin’ with the folks on stuff that may not be all that fancy or original, but dadgummit, just needs to be said again and again, with fierce conviction. And he’s just the fella to say it.

The video below features the following values mantra, plus another snippet or two that give you the flavor of the kind of skate-by-on-good-feelings-and-free-media campaign that ol’ Fred is apparently gonna run just as long as we’ll all let him. Nobody asking hard questions, such as exactly how these statements separate him from the rest of the GOP pack.

But before the nit-picking begins, enjoy Fred Thompson at what I suspect is going to be his campaignin’ best. I’m glad I was there for it, even though I had to park my pickup — my actual pickup that is my actual primary means of transportation, not a lease — far enough away that I should have just walked over…

And here’s the Mantra in text so you can listen to it again, and follow along:

talkin’ about the value of being pro-life
talkin’ about the value of standing strong for the second amendment
talkin’ about the rule of law
talkin’ about the value and the rightness of lower taxes
talkin’ about a market economy; talking about the ingenuity and the inventiveness of the American people and the value of competitiveness and how we would fare well in the international marketplace. We do more things better than anybody in the world, and it works for us.

We’re talking about first principles, things this country was founded upon
the idea that there’s some things in this changing world that don’t change.
Certain things,
certain things such as human nature
and the wisdom of the Ages that led us to the declaration of independence
and led us to the Constitution of the United States,
and they are not outmoded documents to be cast aside

The Declaration reminds us that our basic rights come from God
and not from government.
The constitution of the United States tells us that government ought to be set up with divided power,
not too much power any way
not just at the federal level,
between the federal and the state level;
it’s called Federalism,
and it’s the idea that not every answer comes from Washington, D.C.

It’s all based on the concept of that universal principle and desire on which we were founded,
and that is,
Free People.
Free Markets.
and the appreciation of the things that made us great,
and the understanding that a government powerful enough to give everything to yuh,
is powerful enough to take anything from yuh.

Thank yuh. Thank yuh very much. Now go get yerself some barbecue whilst we turn up the Johnny Cash on the loudspeakers…

5 thoughts on “Fred Thompson’s values mantra, and more!

  1. Karen McLeod

    What if what I believe about God does not match what you believe? Who wins here? Brad, I clearly do not share some of your beliefs but I am not willing to impose mine on you, and I object to any effort you use to impose yours on me. I think that any civilized country (modern) can agree that it’s probably bad to kill another obviously living person. It’s not a good idea to steal, and even if you don’t consider taking another man’s wife stealing, it will still get you talked about. Our problem with hypocrites is that we perceive a lie (even when the person we’re accusing of it doesn’t seem to unederstand the problem). But where do we draw the lines? This country is deeply divided on abortion, and I truly believe that both sides are “pro-life” in the sense that they are both doing the best they can to support ‘life’. You and I are on opposite sides of that divide, but I respect (and think I understand) where you are coming from. Self protection? Pee Wee Gaskins would be alive today if he hadn’t killed someone while he was in prison for life for killing someone after the (temporary) suspension of capitol punishment had been revoked (that sentence is very confusing and if you can do a better job of it, you’re welcome to). I, personally oppose capitol punishment, and am not disturbed that he’s dead (oh, dear, how hyporcritical)! Good people can disagree on many particulars (and no, I’m not in the least worried about the arguments the ‘not so good’ can make–they remain my brothers and sisters–but I still don’t buy some of the arguments). However, I do think government must restrain the ‘not so good’ who think that they can do anything (and its their right–drinking and driving, destroying wetlands are examples) in order to protect us all. Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to–as long as they, or any volunteer family member, is willing to die as a result.

  2. James D McCallister

    If Thompson had not been on a popular television show for the last few years, he would not be running. The GOP knows that its base is soft-minded and easily manipulated; another genial, grandfatherly, all-American Hollywood actor (irony of ironies) is their dream candidate. Thompson is about as genuine as a Ronald Reagan three-dollar bill.

  3. Justin

    Hmmm… he sounds like a fatter, simpler, more arrogant version of Ron Paul… minus of course, his stance on foreign policy

  4. Karen McLeod

    You are right, James. But so many people hear the all purpose, vacuum packed, sweetness and light he’s peddling, and are happy with it. Can we not have a forum somewhere where the candidates are asked hard, specific questions, and are not allowed to dodge answering specifically rather than with more ‘classical gas’?

  5. SPAMgate

    Here’s ya’ll some Johnny Cash-
    There once was a musical troupe
    A pickin’ singin’ folk group
    They sang the mountain ballads
    And the folk songs of our land
    They were long on musical ability
    Folks thought they would go far
    But political incompatibility led to their downfall
    Well,the one on the right was on the left
    And the one in the middle was on the right
    And the one on the left was in the middle
    And the guy in the rear was a Methodist


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