Hillary vs. Katon: All right, who started this?

All right, you kids, who started this? First I saw this, which came in through my transom at 5:27 p.m. Tuesday:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign personally attacked South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson today after he criticized her recently released radio ad.  Dawson released the following statement today on Clinton’s childish name-calling and dishonest radio ad which, according to CNN, “targets black voters”…

I set that aside to look into as possible blog fodder later, and finally got around to it this morning, when I found this:

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) — Stepping up the back and forth over Sen. Hillary Clinton’s new radio spot targeting black voters, Clinton’s South Carolina spokesman Zac Wright told CNN that state GOP chairman Katon Dawson’s attack on the ad is "laughable" and "tragically misguided."
    The Clinton ad says black voters in South Carolina are "invisible" to the Bush administration.
    Dawson, in his first attack on a specific Democratic candidate, said Monday that Clinton will be invisible to South Carolina voters because she is a liberal who associates with "radical groups" and wants America "to surrender to the terrorists in Iraq."

That seems to have been a reference to this, which I had somehow missed, a fact which I regard as further proof of the existence of a merciful God:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Liberal Democrat presidential candidate Hillary
Clinton today launched a radio ad in South Carolina in which she claims
to standup for “invisible” Americans neglected by the federal
government. South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson today
issued the following statement on Clinton’s radio ad:
Clinton claims if elected president she will fight for South
Carolinians who are currently invisible in the eyes of the federal
government. But if you’re a hardworking parent, you’re invisible to
Hillary Clinton because she voted for the largest tax increase in
history. If you’re a member of our armed forces, you’re invisible to
Hillary Clinton because she wants America to surrender to the
terrorists in Iraq. If you believe all life is sacred and that marriage
is between one man and one woman you’re invisible to Hillary Clinton
because she joins with radical groups that support federal funding for
abortion and forcing us to recognize same-sex marriages.
    “But it’s liberals like Hillary Clinton who will be ‘invisible’ to South Carolina voters this election.”

And before that, there was the radio ad itself (click here to hear it), released on Monday.

But you know what? I don’t care who started it; I want you kids to cut it out!

It’s bad enough we have to put up with this silly tit-for-tat over nothing ("He called me invisible!" "Did not!" Did too") from the 24/7 TV "news" channels out of Washington. We really don’t need this garbage going on right here in River City.

I mean, I know these people! Here I am reading a dispatch by Peter Hamby, quoting Zac Wright, regarding Katon Dawson… that makes it much worse than the stuff I hear against my will when I’m trapped in a room with a television on.