Paul’s having trouble — are you?

Folks, one of our regulars is having trouble leaving comments on the blog:


Blog security may be a bit too tight.  I’ve tried to post an innocuous comment twice (yesterday and today) on the Doug Ross thread (“The Blog Summit”) from two different computers with two different emails (the old one which has always worked in the past and my new one).  However, I get the following error message: “Your comment has not been posted because we think it might contain comment spam.”  Comment spam?!  Now you wait just one cotton-pickin’ minute.  Who are you calling a comment spammer; why you lazy, sleazy, illegitimate, welfare-cheatin’, government-lovin’, tax-and-spend, liberal blog master.  Or should that be hard-hearted, uncaring, bigoted, ignorant, hypocritical, Neanderthal conservative?  Hey, when you call one of your most civil participants a spammer, the gloves come off!

I haven’t posted in a while but I’m still reading.  Have I missed some new instruction that will prevent me from being labeled a spammer?

Here’s the comment I tried to post:


I recently suggested that the blog party to celebrate your millionth post would be best at your house.  I have this vision of all of our differences dissolving into joyous chants of “Toga, Toga!” and libertarians gatoring with liberals to “Shout.”  But I’d settle for dinner catered by The State at the Capital City Club.  If not togas, how about a costume party.  We could all come as Mary Rosh….


I asked him to try again, and he had the same problem. I have no idea what this is about. Anyone else having this trouble?

Meanwhile, I’m going back to post that comment for him.

4 thoughts on “Paul’s having trouble — are you?

  1. Brad Warthen

    OK, this is just altogether too weird. As near as I can guess, Paul was unable to post his comment — even pending approval — because he mentioned "She-who-must-not-be-named."

    See — when I tried to put up his comment for him, only WITHOUT that name (I had been unable to do it myself previously), it went up just fine.

    Back when I cast a spell banning that poster, it apparently also prevented anyone from naming her in a comment — although, as you see above, I can do it in a main post.

    So let that be a lesson to us all. I guess.

  2. Herb Brasher

    Brad, I’ve been having that problem for a long time. I learned weeks ago not to mention MR or CH or any other alias. So I’m not surprised that Paul had difficulties. I just figured that was par for the security course.


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