Sunday column video preview


his video is an amalgam of clips that contain pretty much all of the quotes from Mike Huckabee that you will find in my Sunday column, which is headlined "Mike Huckabee on the obligation to govern." You’ll also find some context for the quotes — as much as I could jam into YouTube’s 5-minute limit.

Please excuse the spots where I didn’t have video, and had to use sound from my little digital recorder. The quality isn’t as good as what I have on the video footage, and the splicing is a little rough — OK, really rough.

Bear with me; I’m self-taught. As Ferris Bueller said about the clarinet — "Never had one lesson."

1 thought on “Sunday column video preview

  1. Doug Ross

    Huckabee shows why America tends to vote for Governors instead of Senators for President. Good governors are doers, problem solvers, leaders, uniters, pragmatists. Senators are typically idealists, partisan, 50,000 foot thinkers, detached from the real world, image over substance.
    (Bush doesn’t qualify as a good governor – his power in Texas was limited and his performance was unspectacular).
    This country needs a doer, not a talker.
    I’d vote for Huckabee in the general election. Although I’ll be voting for Paul in the primary.

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