Unedited McCain footage


oday, I was "on the bus," as Ken Kesey would put it, with John McCain, attending events in Aiken and Lexington, and riding with the senator on his "No Surrender Tour" bus in between.

I have a lot more material than I can go through today, but in order not to keep my readers waiting entirely, here’s some fairly representative footage from the Lexington event — formally, the "Veterans Appreciation Lunch and No Surrender Rally," at 11:45 a.m. at the American Legion Post 7, just off just off Harmon Street.

The theme for the tour, which ends tonight in Charleston, was the war in Iraq, with McCain presenting points he’s been stressing — well, forever, really, but particularly since the Petraeus testimony last week. His message was pitched as an advance of what’s likely to happen next in the Senate, with Democrats and the president resuming the monotony of putting up an amendment with a withdrawal date, having it knocked down, putting up another one, etc.

Turnout was good at both events. You can see the SRO crowd at this one; the one in Aiken was much the same.

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Unedited McCain footage

  1. carroll williamson

    Actually, Senator Webb’s bill about having all servicemen remain in CONUS for as long as they are deployed is the one likely to be voted on first. A little more important than your average monotony.


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