But seriously, folks: Land on Sanford and Workers’ Comp

Just to show that this morning’s event wasn’t all fun and games — well, OK, it was all fun and games for the Democratic Party luminaries Dwight Drake had invited to the roof of his law firm’s fancy digs, but set that aside… here’s a clip of me asking Sen. Land a question that he, of all people, would take in utmost seriousness.

Sen. Land is an attorney who represents workers in Workers’ Comp cases, so the recent controversy over the governor’s efforts to influence the administrative law court’s standard is a sober subject for him.

(Please excuse the occasional disappearance of the senator’s chin; the glare on that rooftop was considerable, and I had trouble seeing what was on the little monitor screen on my camera.)

One thought on “But seriously, folks: Land on Sanford and Workers’ Comp

  1. Gordon Hirsch

    Sanford is way out of line, but what would we expect Land to say, after collecting more than $2.2 million in workers comp fees during 2004-2006 alone?
    Whose interests is Land protecting?


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