I can’t drive Biden to 55


ey Energy Party think-tanker Samuel Tenenbaum, originator of our 55-mph plank, e-mailed me yesterday just before we met with Joe Biden to make sure that I would ask him The Question.

You see his answer on this video. Basically, it’s fine by him, but he wouldn’t be the one to push for it.

Sorry, Samuel.

3 thoughts on “I can’t drive Biden to 55

  1. Doug Ross

    It’s a pretty simple market driven model – people believe their time is worth more than the gas savings that would occur. I sure don’t want to have to leave an extra half hour early every Monday to get to the Charlotte airport.
    People who want to drive 55 can. Me and Sammy Hagar can’t…

  2. Karen McLeod

    Does going 55 save on carbon emission? After all, one is burning less gas, but does the extra time taken negate that? If one saves on greenhouse gasses, then failure to do so is all too similar to shooting our grandchildren.

  3. Mike Cakora

    While he’s at it, Mr. Tennenbaum ought to add eliminating drive-throughs
    I’m with Doug: it’s a matter of the value one places on one’s time, as I wrote in May.
    As I also pointed out then, since tourism is a very important part of our state’s economy, we need to encourage folks to stay here longer on their vacations, so we need them to arrive earlier and depart later. Those who drive from 800 miles away can spend an additional six hours (per person) with a 70 mph speed limit that with 55. That helps the businesses that cater to tourists and pumps a little more in the way of taxes into state coffers for our solons to earmark for pet projects.
    Worried about reliance on foreign sources of energy? Dill in ANWR, everywhere off the coast, and throughout the US.
    If we’re going to make a dent in fuel consumption by eliminating personal choice, let’s ban drive-throughs, restrict the number of NASCAR races, eliminate student parking places at high schools, and reduce the number of seats (and parking place ) at sports stadia.


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