Joe Biden II: ‘I will win the South Carolina primary’

OK, in all fairness to the man, he did qualify the statement. He said, "If I come out of New Hampshire viable… I will win South Carolina."

This is a follow-up to the clip I posted a few minutes ago. The Broder and Rich columns referenced on the last post are actually not mentioned until this clip. Sorry about that. I have to edit things down to make them fit onto YouTube.

Anyway, this clip follows the other directly in time, only this one concentrates on how South Carolina figures into his plans.

5 thoughts on “Joe Biden II: ‘I will win the South Carolina primary’

  1. Doug T

    For the country’s sake I hope Joe is correct that he can win. He is the only grown up in the race. Hillary will energize the far right and drag local Democrat candidates down, Obama isn’t ready, and Edwards is fake.
    I would love to witness a Biden-Gulianni debate. Rudy can only string buzz words together (Islamic Jihadists blah blah blah) but offers no plans, no solutions no vision of the future.
    We need Joe.

  2. Andrew

    Joe Biden is the only candidate on either side that can unify the country. Look what he did last week i getting 15 Republicans to sign and pass his legislation on changing the political strategy in Iraq. He’s authentic, honest, and has practical solutions. Oh yeah, he actually cares. He is also the only Democrat that can win the Presidency. Let’s be serious, Edwards is out,the American people will never elect Hillary Clinton, and Obama has no idea what he is talking about obviously. Biden is the best candidate for President this country has seen in a very long time.

  3. Joannah

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