Punishment by GOP might serve us right

You know, if it’s indeed true that Fred Thompson is leading in South Carolina, maybe we deserve for the national GOP to take away half our delegates to their convention.

I have a friend who maintains that South Carolina has no business having an early primary, that giving South Carolina voters such a disproportionate voice in choosing the next president is not at all a good thing for this country. Whenever this subject comes up, I vehemently disagree.

But if Fred Thompson — a man who has yet to give anyone a good reason for his presence in the field at this late date, and has only in the last few days was able to cite the names of any South Carolinians willing to work in his behalf — actually comes out ahead in January (something which remains to be seen), I will have to admit that my friend has something of a point.

I’m assuming, of course, that he doesn’t come up with some good reasons to support him between now and then. He may. I’m not holding my breath, but there’s always that possibility.

One thought on “Punishment by GOP might serve us right

  1. weldon VII

    If Thompson hasn’t published a sugarcoated position paper or fouled the air with promises he can’t keep, more power to him.
    Anyway, Brad, you have no right to suggest what South Carolina Republicans deserve just because you edit an op-ed page and the GOP’s leading candidate isn’t kissing up to you and fondling the rest of the media journalistically, particularly when you call yourself a “Jimmy Carter Democrat.”
    If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Primary, would I be justified in suggesting the national Democrats take all South Carolina’s delegates away because I think she and her husband are the two biggest liars ever to occupy the White House?
    Why don’t you just vote in the Communitarian Primary, or the Socialist Primary, or the Unparty Primary, whichever suits, and leave the real world to us?
    If the national GOP steals half South Carolina’s delegates, the state GOP should sue. No party should be able to violate the one man-one vote principle.

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