And after all that perfectly good sucking-up, too…

The Dems have officially said no to Stephen Colbert.

Bet he regrets all that free champagne poured on Sunday. Or not. This is, of course, a no-lose deal for Mr. Colbert. He can just as well run a sham write-in campaign as a sham conventional one.

Actually, this is a win-win for him on another level. He told the assembled Dems Sunday that he, for one, is not worried about the threatened Hollywood writers’ strike. If the writers are gone, he just keeps "campaigning," and his character’s story line progresses without missing a beat, and without recourse to reruns.

Meanwhile, not that it matters, but I wonder what the reasons were for the committee stiffing my most fameful fan? Could it be that they didn’t want anyone making a joke of their primary? If so, they’re far too late.