Edwards gets some respect from Katon — briefly

End of last week, I thought maybe there was a John Edwards surge in S.C. that I hadn’t heard about. That’s because state GOP Chairman Katon Dawson actually deigned to attack him, after months in which you would have thought that the only Democrat out there was Hillary Clinton:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson today released the following statement on John Edwards’ visit to the Upstate:
    “John Edward’s photo-ops in small-town South Carolina are little more than transparent campaign stunts that won’t fool voters in our state,” said Dawson. “Edwards couldn’t win South Carolina four years ago, and he has again made it crystal clear he is wrong for South Carolina – promising to raise taxes, socialize healthcare and abandon Iraq before it is secure.”

But everything was back to normal today.

Which raises the question — with him rising in the polls, and still no mention, does this mean Katon likes Obama? Or does he just not fear him?

4 thoughts on “Edwards gets some respect from Katon — briefly

  1. weldon VII

    Your question brings to mind this all-important question from my generation:
    Who’s better? The Beatles or The Stones?
    I’m gratified to find out Katon Dawson, whoever that might be, is the chairman of the GOP in South Carolina, since that is the party with which I’m most likely to align myself in any given situation, but I don’t care one iota what he or she thinks about Obama or Clinton or Maya Angelou or who tne next football coach for Arkansas will be.
    You know the routine. I get stuff in the mail asking for money for Huckabee, or, more often, Ron Paul, or even Giuliani, and yes, Brad, your guy McCain, too.
    But the Republican Party in my home state, whether it owns the governor’s office or the State House, has no more presence in my county than Jesse Owens in Nazi Germany.
    I’m sick of watching the generic political commercials, too, weeks before they become the principal advertising traffic.
    Here we are, a month from zero hour, and not one candidate right or left has done or said one thing that made me stop and think something positive.
    The candidates for nomination seem to have targeted kindergartners and the senile with their ads.
    How does the S.C. GOP connect to the smarmy bunch running for president? Were it not for a sandlapper’s role in the House, what connection would our state have to the Democratic race, save Edwards, who grew up here but didn’t stick around?
    Over here, “conservative principles.” Over there, stop Bush.
    Where’s the plan? What’s the deal?
    How can I buy when no one will tell me what they’re selling?
    And, yes, I know Romney says he’ll end every tax known to man, and cut the rest of them, but I’m smarter than that.
    And Hillary says she has the experience, when the only public office she’s ever held is being New York’s junior senator, when she’s really from Arkansas.
    Arkansas, by Jupiter, where the fans were so hostile the football coach, a native Arkansan, resigned one day and took a job leading the football team for a perennial Arkansas opponent in a neighboring state the very next day.
    Arkansas, home to Huckabee and Clinton, candidates red and blue, one with momentum, the other with the inside track.
    Arkansas, Walton country.
    Have we stooped so far that Wal-Mart is running the world?
    Have we really

  2. Brad Warthen

    Beatles, definitely. The Stones were great at what they did, but when it comes to range, creativity, execution, the whole bag, it’s definitely the Beatles.

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