Dave Barry meets Dick Harpootlian


Thought y’all might enjoy checking out this column, headlined "Harpootlian to take New Hampshire," by funnyman Dave Barry that appeared in The Miami Herald Saturday. In it, Dave has no end of fun — with Dick’s name:

    The political landscape has been severely shaken up. To help you
understand what is going on, here’s a summary of the situation, with
key names and concepts in capital letters:

    On the Democratic
side, HILLARY CLINTON, who was the FRONT-RUNNER based on her EXTENSIVE
EXPERIENCE being married to her HUSBAND, BILL CLINTON, totally got
pulverized in Iowa by BARACK OBAMA, who has been a U.S. SENATOR for
like FIFTEEN MINUTES during which he acquired many NEW IDEAS such as

    Also he has a supporter named DICK HARPOOTLIAN, which has to be one of the best supporter names ever…

And to think, people accuse me of being shallow in my analysis…

If Dave only knew some of the stories about Dick — especially the ones he tells on himself — he’d have all sorts of fun. He would have to use one of his stock punchlines — "I am not making this up" — so often, he’d wear it out.

Oh, by the way, in keeping with the in-depth reporting you’ve come to expect on this blog, here’s video of Dick talking about his support for Barack Obama. (This was at the Colbert brunch back in October, previously reported here):

One thought on “Dave Barry meets Dick Harpootlian

  1. weldon VII

    That Dave Barry column is pretty funny.
    It may have just as much depth as the campaign itself.

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