Jake Knotts shocker!


Were you shocked to read on Friday that state Sen. Jake Knotts just endorsed John McCain?

Well, I certainly was — on account of the fact that I was under the impression that he had been openly and visibly supporting Sen. McCain for quite some time.

Unless we have an even more incredible case of "separated at birth," that’s him standing behind McCain, next to Adjutant Gen. Stan Spears, in these pictures I shot at a McCain event in Lexington on Sept. 17.

Maybe he was just there to be polite.


7 thoughts on “Jake Knotts shocker!

  1. weldon VII

    I can’t walk without McCain,
    Said the newspaper fellow.
    He’s my man main
    So I think I’ll bellow
    His name.
    But here’s the problem, Mr. Warthen,
    Though you must feel his pain.
    If upon him you keep harpen,
    All you may gain
    Is disdain.
    For being too taken
    Can poison your bacon,
    Thus the words you’ve spaken
    Might leave you so forsaken
    You might even switch your rhyme scheme.

  2. Richard L. Wolfe

    Weldon, Here is the poem you should have written.
    What a system we are forced to live by,
    All the rules, religions and laws,
    I can’t understand no matter how hard I try,
    With such a glorious system; Why do I see so many flaws.
    It has been said before; I will say it again,
    Government by the people for the people I read,
    Honestly! Would you tax yourself to death my friend,
    The Constitution and Democracy are dead!
    We live in the Great Corporate State,
    As for the law the system is the way,
    Not Congress but Wall Street predicts our fate,
    Worst! The Mighty News Media explains our day.
    The System feeds on weakness and fear,
    It’s existance depends on a worm called Bureaucracy,
    Corruption, exploitation, over taxation they are all there,
    This breeds not freedom but Anarchy!
    Poor Democracy, sovereignty by the people, so sad to see you go,
    The powerful system has taken your place,
    You were a great dream over two hundred years ago,
    Now, the System will try to spread her venom throughout the human race.
    The System will not be beaten by mortal men,
    She has psycology, wealth and human weakness on her side,
    With technology as a weapon she will always win,
    From the Great Policer, the computer no man can hide.
    Being the radical I am,
    As anyone who utters truth will always be,
    I feel sorry for it and it’s bloody hand,
    As it will always try to destroy anyone who wants to be free!
    It’s not invincible; It’s rule will be a short stay,
    There is a power much greater, always has been,
    The System seeks to rob men’s souls and for this it will pay,
    I believe a ” Just ” God will reward her in the end!

  3. weldon VII

    ‘Twas poesy too odious to be melodious, Brad.
    But sufficiently sensational to be inspirational.
    Or, as Ron Paul would say, downright inflational.

  4. rick campbell

    …i hope mccain’s bus doesn’t hit a stray dog on the way out of south carolina…then jakie might have to reconsider…

  5. anonymous

    Mark Sanford avoiding the topic of illegal immigration
    Sanford was asked, “why are public funds being used to for private communities which use illegal immigrant labor.” Watch as he never actually answers the question.

    and here’s another one…
    Senator Jake Knotts on Governor Sanford’s State of the State

    RE: Mark Sanford
    John Land on Workers’ Comp

  6. Mark Alan Peter, MA, MA

    Jake Knotts is my state senator. He has an ax to grind with Gov. Sanford, especially after his endorsement of Katherine Shealy. Many of us in Senate 23 are disenchanter with the senator and consider him a RINO.


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