Let’s go ahead and have the poll that counts

Zogby said this morning that Obama’s lead over Clinton is shrinking:

UTICA, NY – Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s lead over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton narrowed yet a little more in South Carolina with just two days to go before the primary, the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby tracking poll shows.
    Obama lost a point from the day before and sits at 38% support in the telephone poll, which was conducted Jan. 22-24 and included 811 likely Democratic voters. It carries a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points.
    Clinton won 25% support, up one point from the day before but now just four points ahead of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who continued to increase support and now sits at 21%….

These guys say it’s more:

South Carolina Poll

Barack Obama 44
Hillary Clinton 24
John Edwards 19

Which one’s right? I’m guessing the result will lie somewhere between the two, as long as nobody cries or throws a tantrum or kicks a dog or anything on TV tonight. In any event, we’ll find out by this time tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Let’s go ahead and have the poll that counts

  1. Randy Ewart

    Obama lost a point from the day before and sits at 38%…margin of error of +/- 3.4
    Brad, the concept of margin of error means that the actual percent is not 38% but it’s somewhere between 34.6% and 41.4%. That means the actual percent may be 39% so there is no “lost” point. In fact, it’s possible the actual percent is now 41.4% which is a 2.4% gain!
    It is meaningless to talk of individual %s. This is the statistical equivalent of the naked emperor.

  2. Eric

    The real story in those numbers is how close Edwards is to Clinton. It’s within the realm of possibility that Edwards could place second and Clinton third.

  3. weldon VII

    Thank you, Cynthia. I look forward to the world finding out how dictatorially the Clintons once used the White House.

  4. Edd

    I will definitely vote for Hillary, she is the only candidate with enough experience and she will be ready to face the challenges on Day 1. Nothing beats experience and knowledge! GO HILLARY!

  5. Gordon Hirsch

    re: GOP Ace in the Hole
    Sadly, this rings true to me, as well. There’s just too much smoke surrounding the Clinton past. The idea that a smoking gun exists in the Barrett Report, awaiting GOP trigger-men, absolutely makes sense.
    The Clintons said it was “coincidence” that Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broddrick and Elizabeth Ward Gracen just “happened” to be audited by the IRS after giving evidence against them.
    And it was “coincidence” that the IRS was then led by Hillary’s old pal, Margaret Milner Richardson.
    Then 120 pages of the Barrett Report were redacted by Kerry and other Clinton allies, an act of sheer political desperation that could not last. … Bodies may be buried, but they can always be unearthed if someone knows where to dig. And, in this case, all of Congress knows where to dig.
    The fact that Kerry and Leahy are now leading a party-line defection from Hillary to Obama ought to tell us something.

  6. zeke

    Why do you people keep calling this the democratic party?? IT IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, THERE IS NOTHING DEMOCRATIC ABOUT THESE SOCIALISTS! IT IS THE DEMOCRAT PRIMARY, NOT THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY!Only reason I can think of that the media and others continue to call it democratic is to mislead the uninformed general electorate into believing this is a democratic organization, which I might add, IS A BLATANT LIE!!!

  7. keith pierce

    I quess we all know who you are voting for wart boy Who they tell you to. and being a black newspaper with no backboned retarts working for them. what a loser I bet you dont salute the flag either

  8. Sam

    um, Keith, you’re free to join the rest of us in 2007 whenever you’d like. wart boy? black newspaper? I hope it’s fun where you live…in 1957.

  9. Debold Dude

    Zogby said this morning that Obama’s lead over Clinton is shrinking:* Brad
    Oh no! Don’t tell us the Clinton fix is in again like New Hampshire today!
    Whatever you do! Don’t believe that wizard behind the computize voting machine?

  10. bud

    I voted this morning in Lexington and the environment for the event was a bit disturbing. The machines were turned in such a way that it was not too difficult for folk waiting in line, or the poll workers, to see who was being voted for. Also, the touch screens seemed just a bit too complicated, especially for older folks who are not familiar with computer stuff. But my biggest concern was how easy it would be to tamper with the voting registers. These devices looked liked old 8-track cassette cartridges and the poll worker intserted each time someone voted. It really seemed far too easy to simply switch one of the cartridges or somehow program the machine to erase votes. We desparately need a paper trail for this voting process. The process seems far too fragile.

  11. Mich

    Bud, I agree with you. The voting process is too weird. I went through the motions of voting and cast my ballot, but I am really uncomfortable with not having a paper trail. Too bad securing a real voting process wasn’t an issue, but then the whole “dump the electoral college” thing disappeared not long after the last election. I guess, like gerrymandering districts, those who have power are more concerned with keeping it than upholding the rights of each American to vote and to have their vote be counted and for each vote to carry the same weight as any other vote.

  12. Lee Muller

    These electronic voting machines are not legal for real elections, because the law requires an individual paper ballot, thick enough to not be read from the back side. It requires the ballot boxes to be locked and openend in public, and the ballots counted in public.

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