Mama! Greenville’s copying us! Make ’em stop!

The Greenville News has also endorsed Barack Obama. Here’s an excerpt:

    Obama brings characteristics to this primary that lift up many
people and elevate their sense of hope. He is not a hardened ideologue.
While he does not minimize his Democratic Party roots, he talks openly
and encouragingly of wanting to get "Democrats, Republicans and
independents to work constructively on problems instead of (trying) to
score political points."

    He could help Washington move past its
stubborn and destructive partisan politics. As he said in an editorial
board meeting at this newspaper, "The politics we have seen and grown
accustomed to over the past 20 years have not been productive." That’s
so true…

So as you see, they’ve chosen to endorse our candidate, using our reasoning, and making like it’s their own. Well, I suppose I can live with all that. After all, they’re right.

But then they went and copied us on releasing the endorsement early online. They’ve stolen our shtick! EPE Beth Padgett freely admits that they’ve never done this before, whereas everybody knows that we do it all the time — which is to say, we’ve now done it twice.

Oh, and by the way, the paper over in Atlanta went for Obama, too. That’s two. Once more, and it will officially be a trend. In other words, it’s not just about us at The State being the moral equivalent of Lucifer. But I’m not denying the "philosopher kings" part, because that sounds pretty cool.

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