More good news for Obama: Edwards is getting out


No more splitting the non-Clinton (or anti-Clinton) vote. Or do you have an alternative interpretation? I don’t think there is a significant anyone-but-Obama movement out there the way there is for his opponent, but maybe you’re seeing something I’m not.

Anyway, here’s a link about John Edwards’ decision to accept the inevitable — much too late, but at least he didn’t wait another week.

Put this news together with the unequivocally good news for Obama — the Kennedys and Toni Morrison and Kathleen Sebelius (can Al Gore be far behind?), this adds up to some serious Mo heading into next Tuesday.

Given all the good-news boosts Obama has gotten in the last few days, it makes Sen. Clinton’s trek down to Florida to celebrate her "win" more understandable — how else was she going to get a positive image out there?

P.S. — Edwards has now made his announcement; here’s his speech.


8 thoughts on “More good news for Obama: Edwards is getting out

  1. Wally Altman

    The article you’ve linked doesn’t really support your interpretation:

    Four in 10 Edwards supporters said their second choice in the race is Clinton, while a quarter prefer Obama, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo poll conducted late this month.

    Unless the 35% not accounted for there almost all break for Obama (which is not as unlikely as it might seem, I think), this won’t be good for him unless he can actually score the endorsement.
    Of course, there’s always the cynical interpretation that Edwards is no longer splitting the white vote.

  2. weldon VII

    One thing’s for sure, Brad. You’re beyond the pale once you’ve picked your guy.
    Sure there’s an alternative interpretation. No more splitting the white vote. Edwards getting out is probably good news for Clinton, according to the link you yourself provided, by a 40-25 percentage.
    But don’t bother thinking outside your toy box. Continue to ignore the strictly-by-race vote the Democrats offered up in South Carolina. Pretend losing the Florida vote doesn’t impede Obama more than he’s helped by the endorsement of a black woman who wrote a book called “Tar Baby” and that embarrassing bag of wind, Ted Kennedy.
    Kennedy’s endorsement, and Morrison’s, could turn out to be “unequivocally” polarizing. But that’s OK. At least until Super Tuesday, you can believe that Obama has ended partisanship and racial conflict in North America, because you obviously want so badly to believe it that I feel sorry for you.
    Out here in the trenches, away from rarefied air of government-funded ETV, real life remains racially charged.
    Why, heavens to Murgatroyd, the school board is loaded with reverse racists and payback seems to be in full swing. They’re tossing our money left and right, building new schools just so they won’t have to use the old schools, and they’re not improving the quality of public education one iota, but who cares?
    We can just exit the Corridor of Shame, where the grades are actually better than in some districts with brand new buildings, and follow Obama down down the yellow brick road to see the Wizard, who will feed us pie in the sky until we’re really full of it.

  3. Brad Warthen

    Yeah, weldon, when I state an opinion, I really mean it.
    Wally, I don’t know which link you refer to, but I intentionally tried to link stuff that gave an alternative interpretation. I was soliciting disagreement (I want to hear all the arguments here), and I thought that would help start things off.
    I’m unconvinced by what folks said on that poll about second choices because I think this is a fluid situation, and that Sen. Clinton has turned off a lot of folks in the last few days, just as more folks (certainly the celeb endorsers, anyway) have been declaring for Obama.
    I’m sensing movement, but I want to hear the arguments to the contrary, because so far all I have is that “sense.”

  4. Wally Altman

    Evidently all three of Edwards’ committed superdelegates are going for Obama. Maybe your sense is on target.

  5. weldon VII

    “Yeah, weldon, when I state an opinion, I really mean it.”
    Of course you do, Brad.
    Unless you say later you were being ironic.

  6. dave faust

    I’m actually sort of sad to see Edwards pull out. He was never really more than a minor distraction, but with the “knife fight in a phone booth” we’re having on the Elephant side, we need as much distraction as is possible on the Donkey side. I heard Rush remark the other day that we need a protracted and enervating knock down-drag out between Hill and BHO (Barak Hussein Obama). I agree.
    I also happen to be morbidly curious about just how nasty Hillary can get. If Obama continues to mount a real and credible challenge to her coronation, there’s no telling what depths she might stoop to. I don’t think we’ve ever really seen just how low she could really get ~ If she gets desperate we might see anything. And if we do see her immolate, it can only be good for conservatism. David

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