Obama staffer reports good initial results from Edwards pullout

Just talked to Kevin Griffis, lately the S.C. press guy for the Barack Obama campaign. Although he still has his (803) cell phone, he’s now moved on to Virginia.

When I caught him he was walking around the statehouse there, trying to harvest former Edwards supporters for Obama. He says it’s going quite well; he’s finding a lot of receptiveness among lawmakers, particularly from the more conservative parts of the state where they can’t imagine going for Sen. Clinton.

One thing he says he’s not running into in Virginia — any reluctance on the part of white lawmakers to back his guy. But then, he’s come to accept that as a matter of course, since he didn’t run into it in South Carolina, either.

4 thoughts on “Obama staffer reports good initial results from Edwards pullout

  1. weldon VII

    He’s the S.C. press guy for the Obama campaign, Brad, so what else would he say?
    It’s not likely he’d go, “Brad, things are just terrible, we can’t get any interest from any of Edwards’ people,” even if they couldn’t.

  2. MLW

    South Carolina Democratic Legislators up for re-election in close districts who are interested in building their electoral prospects come November will change their endorsements from Edwards to Obama before Feb. 5. Obama who has shown impressive skill attracting large numbers of NEW VOTERS who lean democratic, are intensely loyal to Obama and actually turnout to vote. These new voters, joined with Obama’s strong trends among non-white SC voters, also intensely loyal to Obama, may form a new voter type I call “OBAMA DOG DEMOCRATS” originating here in South carolina. Any Democratic candidate up for election in November would want to have these Obama Dog Democrats come November. And how do former Edwards endorsers (not talking his rank and file voters here, strictly the elected officials) tap into the Obama Dog Dems support? Obviously and quickly, they’ll endorse Obama before Feb 5 thereby establishing a record of favorable support for Obama in the primary, irrespective of the final outcome of the Democratic primary. Get my drift? These Edwards supporters should attempt to get Edwards to endorse Obama prior to announcing their own Obama endorsement. Additional cover for them, you know what I mean. Timing is everything. I am not sure how the Obama Dog Dems will behave if Clinton is the nominee. My guess is that their interest and turnout will be poor–very poor–for former Edwards political endorsers who, following Edwards exit from the race, subsequently endorsed Clinton. I think their opposing Republican candidates, will examine this scenario and “TAR” and “TIE” these former Edwards endorsers to Clinton on two counts: Support for Clinton in the primary and support for Clinton in the general. I recall a popular democratic senator saying last spring that Obama would pull down the democratic ticket all across the nation. How wrong was that?

  3. Lee Muller

    Obama’s appeal is to the unsophisticated voter, new or old.
    Obama is a demagogue. He has already started using Edward’s slogans, along with slogans and phrases from JFK, MLK, Caesar Chaves (communist Latino union organizer), and others.
    When anyone tries to pin him down, he hems and haws, avoiding direct specific answers. He either hasn’t thought things through, or is lying. But his followers haven’t thought things through, and know he is lying to the productive, thinking voters about his socialist agenda that promises more handouts to the deadbeats.


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