Photos of candidates at King Day (only SLIGHTLY better than video)

Again, I had a lousy angle, at too great a distance, for my camera, but this still photos are slightly (very slightly) better than the video I just posted, in case you’ve like to get some rough idea of what the candidates looked like on this occasion. You can hardly see them at all on the video (although I hope you can hear them OK).

They are in the order in which they spoke. I was farthest away for Sen. Obama, but managed to work a little closer by the time Mr. Edwards and Sen. Clinton spoke. I left in a little of the bright sky behind Edwards when I cropped him, so you can see the backlighting problem I had with the exposure. In the third photo S.C. NAACP Chairman Lonnie Randolph is introducing Sen. Clinton.



4 thoughts on “Photos of candidates at King Day (only SLIGHTLY better than video)

  1. Lee Muller

    I must have missed Hillary’s speech where she apologized for working for the Communist Party USA, the Black Panthers, organizing a disruption of a jury trial, and calling for the socialist overthrow of America.
    Can her supporters please post her admission of guilt and begging forgiveness?
    At least the Democrats are tacitly admitting that tax increases slow down the economy – all of them are calling for tax cuts, after Obama, Hillary and the Democrats just voted for a 50% income tax increase on working people to take effect in 2009…after the election.

  2. Xavier

    Lee, the funny thing is– the Democratic base is right up there with you in intense hatred of the Clintons, though obviously for different reasons– mainly the Clintonian tactics of fraud and division being used against Edwards and Obama. (Didn’t know about the Communist Party USA bit.)
    I’m a Democratic-leaning Independent, with most of my family Democrats but some Republicans among the younger generation, but our last family outing this weekend was hilarious– the one thing that unifies us, even among the Democrats, is that if Hillary Clinton is nominated, we’ll all be voting for John McCain. What’s interesting is the different reasons given.
    McCain is actually pretty socially conservative on most issues, so the Republicans in my family were quite pleased with that. Whereas, the Democrats support him due to his integrity compared to the disgusting Clintons. Personally I haven’t really liked him much, but he really does have the persona of a leader. So, there you have it.


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