She’s back, at least for a moment

Apparently, speculation that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be in the state any more was overblown, as her campaign advises:

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Major Speech TOMORROW in South Carolina Addressing the Serious Economic Challenges Facing America

Thursday, January 24
Greenville, SC

11:00 a.m. EST
Clinton Delivers Major Speech Addressing the Serious Economic Challenges Facing America

Furman University
Younts Conference Center
3300 Pointsett Highway
Greenville, SC 29613
Additional Details TBA

Not that I’m trying to give advice, but every moment she does spend in the state between now and Saturday night reduces the viability of the "I didn’t really try in South Carolina" explanation for a big loss, should things come to that.

5 thoughts on “She’s back, at least for a moment

  1. weldon VII

    Just heard a Hillary commercial. She said she’s been “standing up for 35 years.”
    If so, why did her back side look almost as big as her down side at the debate the other night?

  2. BRG

    Weldon VII above: you are a sexist disgrace. I’m guessing you are a white male over the age of 55.
    I’m a visitor to your newspaper and I have a question: will your articles this week reflect the opinions of your editorial board, or do you provide balanced journalistic coverage of ALL candidates? I’d just like to know in advance so I don’t waste my time.

  3. weldon VII

    Actually, BRG, I’m a white male who will consider himself 55 until his 56th birthday in November.
    Hillary seems to be gaining weight. I noticed it. What’s sexist about that?
    I mean, heck, it’s not like I said she apparently baked too many cookies.
    Anyway, when you play as dirty as the Clintons do, you should expect dirty things to be said about you.
    Here’s mud in your eye.

  4. Gabrielle

    It is understandable that folks are concerned the Washington old guard may set out to thwart the progressive ideas of Barack Obama. The record of politicians over these past 17 years has shown the opposition to a president/commander-in-chief to matter much to the rank and file of the House, Congress, and the Senate. However, these concerns are different than the “on day one hatred” toward Hillary Clinton. There is a personality aspect of Barack Obama that grows on people who just need to be around him. In time those rank and file members of Washington will come to realize his agenda is not one-upmanship but the restoration of clean politics and the eradication of the “politics of personal destruction.” Hillary has shown she ascribes to “scorched earth politics” so what about her is most important on the world stage? The world has watched her lie and play the race card. If she represents the United States on the world stage no leaders inside America or outside will believe anything that comes out of her mouth!
    We truly need to have the conversation that leads to the probability that Barack Obama will in short order bring together the best progressive minds of the Washington community and all will feel the need to reach for the moon in their politics. Hillary will never engender such aspirations. The “twofer” or “threefer” (now that Chelsey Clinton is riding their political coat tails)should be regarded as decontructive. It is along this narrow road Chelsey will walk until one day she is deemed ready to take over the reigns. Another Clinton emerges to carry the mantle and the baggage. Another woman whose ability to to speak more than she listens shall be molded to carry the mantle of ‘Clintons’ for womenhood’. Another Clinton having “three times is a charm” suspended above her head in a cartoon balloon is not progressive but depressive.
    I understand women want to be heard and aggressively represented in all things, however, there are as many middle-eastern men who still regard women as chattel whose antipathy to sharing authority will be more harmful, if not disastrous to any meetings of minds. It is more likely that having a woman as president will be regarded as a joke in that part of the world. The United States of America must repair its relationships around the world…and Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher.
    If you thought Bush looked baffoonish doing the two-step sword dance in Saudi Arabia with the royals, what do you think they would dream-up for the visiting female president of these United States! Putting Hillary Clinton in the Whitehouse is like asking for someone to insult your wife while she walks around naked. As Christian’s we should recognize that all women are protected and covered by their husbands “as Christ is the head of the Church”. Hillary Clinton is like Eve in the Garden and the serpent is waiting for her to walk alone in it. If you honestly think she knows how to deal with the middle-eastern-male-mind then not only is Washington broken but this lack cultural application will be the final undoing of American hegemony. The thread of this country just needs one firm pull and unravel it will the will of decency and compromise.
    Remember, Barack Obama shares a character trait with Teddy Roosevelt in that he “talks softly and carries a big stick.” Can you honestly convince yourself that between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that she will be effective in a small room at a round table shouting at these leaders that she knows best? The longer I watch Hillary in these debates the more I am convinced she is in love with the sound of her voice. The more I watch her, I am convinced her voice rises because she is anticipating applause and even when there is no instantaneous accolade she hears the sound of billions of hands clapping in unison to the ebb and flow of her words.
    We need someone with the “political will” to bring all political animals into this Ark of the United States because with a divided Whitehouse we shall surely fall. So think about what you’re trying to do to us…..


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