The Convenient Nativist

Odd, isn’t it, that this anti-immigrant bit of propaganda — which purports to be about Sen. Lindsey Graham — should emerge at this particular moment:

This offensive nativist screed makes no policy proposal. The thrust here is about people speaking Spanish — as opposed to fine, decent folks with "South Carolina values." Appalling.

And as we all know, there’s a lot more at stake with an emotional play like this than a quixotic slap at a secure incumbent senator.

13 thoughts on “The Convenient Nativist

  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    Well Brad my hand is on my hat ready to tip to you. It looks like the media is going to pull it out for McCain after all.There is only one thing about it. If this guy wins and then screws up in office you will be hearing about it for the next four years. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. The Messenger

    You know, the funny thing about John McCain is– I and most of my office and beer buddies have a personal attitude toward McCain that spans the gamut from dislike to outright disgust.
    Yet almost all of us, who’ve been on the fence, will still be voting for McCain in the primary.
    My buddy joked that maybe the best sign of McCain’s leadership ability is that you have to grudgingly respect him even when you really don’t like him.
    McCain reminds us of the boot camp sergeant who, as much as you hate his guts, nonetheless is the guy that you’d absolutely want leading your platoon in battle.
    Most of us, we’re not even military, and while we disagree on McCain about so many issues and often find him to be abrasive, we just have to admit that he has the fiber of a strong leader to him. Not just the 5 years in a Vietnam POW camp, the guy isn’t afraid to fight and he earns respect, yet also knows how to negotiate when it’s needed.
    It’s quite a bonus that McCain has the support of so many moderates and angry Dems (of which there are millions, even they hate Hillary and the Clintons in general), and he’s the strongest candidate for the general election.
    The truth is, we’re probably entering a crisis period for the USA right now, with a floundering economy and multiple wars, and in a time like this, having agreeable policy stances alone aren’t enough. (Although to be honest, McCain is more socially conservative than we often give him credit for.) He’s outlining a decent-enough economic stimulus package, but most importantly you need a real leader at a time like this and McCain, much as we may dislike the guy, is cut from a leader’s cloth. Thus despite our reservations, we have no hesitation in supporting John McCain as the nominee.

  3. Susanna K.

    I personally think the current anti-immigrant sentiment stems from fears about the economy. Things are bad, we need someone to blame. There hasn’t been a terrorist attack in a while so let’s gang up on the Mexicans instead.

  4. Doug Ross

    > fears about the economy. Things are bad, we
    > need someone to blame.
    Are you saying the economy would be worse if there were half as many illegal immigrants?
    Would you say the illegal immigrant population is a net producer or net consumer in the economy? Please consider taxes paid, services consumed, money that is sent from the U.S. back to the home country, etc.
    One could make a strong economic case that the presence of an illegal immigrant population willing to do jobs for below market wages has some influence on the job market and the benefits paid to non-illegal workers.
    Sorry I didn’t mention the nationality of the illegal immigrants — because it doesn’t matter. They are knowingly crossing the border illegally.

  5. Phillip

    The most appalling political ad I’ve seen in many years. Offensive hardly describes it. It’s out and out racist.

  6. The Pink Flamingo

    Mac Attacked by Anti-Immigration Clones Imported Into SC By Tanton Associates


  7. Bill

    When entering other nations, we’re greeted with machine-gun toting security guards to make sure we behave ourselves and conform to their rules and regulations. Is that the secret to success?
    Why does the US believe immigrants are somehow exempt from the rules that govern the rest of us? Pay nothing in, but expect a handout when you arrive?
    It is unfortunate that immigration has reached this point. Good people should be permitted into our country, but their noble intentions are smeared by those who do it the wrong way. The only way to fix this is to control entry – and be selective.

  8. Gordon Hirsch

    Forget the immigration debate. It’s just a diversion, while plans proceed for the North American Union.

  9. brpd

    Horrible, though unsurprising ad. Reasonable people can disagree on the fine points of immigration reform, but most of the restrictionist rhetoric is firmly rooted in xenophobia and/or racism. The “build-a-fence-but-do-nothing-else” crowd simply refuses to consider a real solution, which should include both better physical border security and measures to effectively deal with those now here illegally, like re-implementing fines for immigration violations (as opposed to ten-year bars to reentry) so that those violators who have no criminal records and who have dependent U.S. citizen families can legalize. Right now, a man who entered illegally but has since married an American and fathered U.S. citizen children has to make a terrible choice: stay here illegally with his family and hope not to get caught, or go back home and wait ten years before being allowed to apply for reentry. It is unconscionable that so many U.S. citizens pay such a heavy price. The more reasonable approach for such violators would be to allow them to pay a substantial fine as a condition for filing an application to get into line (at the back of the line) to legalize status. I hope people can become better informed about the current wretched state of the law and engage in a real debate, sans anti-foreigner hysteria.

  10. JC

    Why do you want a man running your country who’s emotionally damaged? Why do you want a man running your country who supports cannibalizing innocent babies for so called “medical” research, condemning those of us who have both morals *and* terminal illnesses to *no* hope of cures that we can use?
    Why do you want a man for your president who has consistently voted *against* the rights guaranteed us by the Bill of Rights? We had that four eight years; wasn’t that long enough?
    Doesn’t anyone remember McCain-Feingold, a law which has already been ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court?
    McCain is evil, and there is *no* way McCain would beat Hillary or Obama in the general election, because there is no way authentic pro-lifers or authentic consitutionalists would vote for this man.

  11. Lee Muller

    McCain cannot win the general election, because he has made so many enemies within the GOP and among independents.
    * He lies to them about his record and how he plans to vote
    * He tried to push through a sneaky amnesty bill for Mexico and got busted by talk radio.
    * He teamed up with Democrats to outlaw criticism and even the printing of the facts about incumbents.
    * He is about himself first, his pals second, America and GOP tied for last

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