This is so over: Hillary’s concession statement

Here, even before you hear it on the Tube (I think), is Hillary Clinton’s concession statement:

                        January 26, 2008

Statement from Hillary Clinton
    “I have called Senator Obama to congratulate him and wish him well.
    “Thank you to the people of South Carolina who voted today and welcomed me into their homes over the last year. Your stories will stay with me well beyond this campaign and I am grateful for the support so many of you gave to me.
    “We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on February 5th.
    “In the days ahead, I’ll work to give voice to those who are working harder than ever to be heard.  For those who have lost their job or their home or their health care, I will focus on the solutions needed to move this country forward.  That’s what this election is about.  It’s about our country, our hopes and dreams. Our families and our future.”

19 thoughts on “This is so over: Hillary’s concession statement

  1. Yahoo

    Does this mean your obsession over this primary will cease. Oh, Lord in heaven…please let be so.
    I am far more interested in government CLOSER to me. SC government is falling down and you guys are obsessing over that mad crowd in DC

  2. Randy Ewart

    She’s slithering off in the night, eh?
    South Carolina put the Clintons over its collective knee and spanked the irascible couple as they deserved.

  3. Randy

    The Clintons are far from behind us. They are vicious people, and we are not through with them yet.
    Until the media drives a stake through Bill’s heart…he will always be with us.

  4. Delbert

    The Democratic turnout is really something…and important.
    Our Republicans leaders, Katon Dawson and Mark Sanford, have done a great job of returning the Dems to a place importance.
    The two of them have conspired to turn our party into the party of greed, media whores and special interest money….
    Don’t be surprised when the dems pick up seats in the next elections…we deserve to lose. We have lost our way.

  5. Brad Warthen

    Yahoo, never fear. SC politics and government are Job One for those of us at Brad Warthen’s Blog (oh, wait: there’s only me here), and that will be Topic One starting — well, starting in a couple of days, ’cause I’m gonna rest on my oars a bit before I start rowing at the usual rate.
    But for the last couple of months, this has been what the folks involved in SC politics have been talking about and devoting their energy to. They will very quickly shift back to SC issues, and so will I.

  6. Tuesday

    Thank you to South Carolina! Character and integrity have spoken. Let this be a lesson to the Clintons and others like them that we who believe in democracy will not stand for divisive, backwards-thinking rhetoric.
    And notice that Hillar’s mouthpiece is the first one to speak. Protecting her, is he? What a feminist she is!

  7. Yahoo

    Do you think you will continue that hard hitting stuff on Pitchfork Ben, or perhaps move to the fraud, waste and abuse in state government?
    I hope the latter…
    But I am sure you will need a nap first…I know you have been at this nonstop.

  8. Jeffrey Sewell

    A Clinton loss in South Carolina is always a pleasurable thing but I must say today S.C. Democrats voted for style over substance!
    ~Jeffrey Sewell

  9. Gordon Hirsch

    This is all good for McCain and the GOP. Hillary and Bill will keep driving wedges in their party, and the fight for South Carolina has brought out a mean streak in Obama that makes unity hard to imagine. … Only the dems could get a republican elected after Bush.

  10. Karen McLeod

    Mean streak? Am I missing something? Meanwhile, what was the tunout like? Did the dems to better than the GOP? Was overall turnout better than last year?

  11. Randy

    Ok, Ladies and Laddies.
    I think it’s safe to say that the South Carolina Democratic Primary has come to a close. Barack Omaba outperformed Hillary and John by picking up 80% plus of the African-American vote and approximately 25% of the European-American vote. Congratulations Senator Obama!
    Now, here’s the historical facts on the bad news… The Democratic Presidential Nominee has not won the State of South Carolina in the general election since President Carter won in 1976.
    Wake jackass’s and VOTE and help get out the vote this time for the Democratic Nominee whoever it is… CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

  12. Gordon Hirsch

    Karen … the “mean streak” remark refers to Obama’s behavior during the Myrtle Beach debate. Hillary was meaner, but she definitely brought out a side of Obama I hadn’t seen before. Almost seemed she was trying to get Obama to lose control, and partially succeeded. Interestingly, whites outside the Palace Theater, throughout the debate, made up about 25% of the total crowd, with little co-mingling of races.
    Afterward everyone headed to the nightclub district next door (young crowd), and there were several hostile encounters during the 1/2 mile walk across Broadway at The Beach. Most were abusive exchanges along racial lines, with blacks quoting Obama’s remarks in ways that were intimidating to whites who made the trek. That was our first glimpse of how the Hillary-Obama contest is playing out at steet level, and the tone was definitely set by the atagonistic nature of the debate itself. … There was nothing positive about the “change” these folks had in mind, or expect of Obama, though I’m certain he would not have approved.
    As for the the polling turnout numbers you requested, these are from CNN:
    In a historical shift, South Carolina Democrats turned out in record numbers on Saturday, besting last week’s underwhelming Republican vote, which was hampered by bad weather.
    The state Democratic party estimates that more than 530,000 Democrats turned out for Saturday’s primary, as compared with 445,000 voters who showed up to vote last weekend, a marked drop from the Republican record high in 2000.

  13. Alice

    Katon Dawson and MArk Sanford are doing a great job of turning the Republican Party into the minority party.
    The turnout is just another indicator.
    The GOP has given itself over to the vain and the mean, and we will now pay a price for that.

  14. Bob

    A few things are clear:
    1) The liberal media is doing everything they can get get Obama elected.
    2) Black voters in SC voted race over everything else. In a largely Republican state, the turnout was nearly double that of the Republican primary. 80% of blacks voted for Obama. Let’s see Obama get that percentage in any other state. I’m going to say Obama wins maybe one or two states on February 5th.
    As a Republican, it doesn’t matter to me who wins the Democratic primary, because I don’t think the country will vote for Obama or Hillary in the presidential election.

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