Top S.C. Dems see little hope for Hillary in state

Folks, it’s been a long day, and I haven’t had a chance to something I had resolved to blog about early this morning:

On my way to breakfast, I ran into two former Gov. Jim Hodges and former Democratic nominee for Attorney General Steve Benjamin, and both said the same thing — if Obama won today in New Hampshire by as much as expected, Hillary Clinton has no chance in South Carolina.

Without naming names, Gov. Hodges said that based on his conversations, watch for some of Sen. Clinton’s black support in S.C. to suddenly declare "neutrality" in the contest. Neither S.C. Democrat would be surprised if Sen. Clinton, who had dominated the polls here for most of the past year, decided to skip the state altogether, in a last-ditch effort to stop Obama on Super Tuesday.

The big question, Mr. Benjamin said, was whether Mrs. Clinton would go negative on Obama. He speculated that that might be what John Edwards will be counting on, if he stays in it — mutual destruction by his rivals.

8 thoughts on “Top S.C. Dems see little hope for Hillary in state

  1. Michele

    Hillary Clinton won the NH Primary using a classic tactic for a female of her station -crying. While I don’t think it was insincere, I think she let herself go to a place she would not have gone had she been winning in the lead-in polls.
    As for Gloria Steinem’s excellently timed piece (to generate even more sympathy for Hillary; were the crying and the op-ed piece perhaps synchronized?) – yes, black men did technically have the vote before women – but Gloria, Ms. Steinem, conveniently forgets the tyranny that surrounded the black vote well into the sixties. Annnd, it’s not like the feminist movement really included women of color, who have NEVER had the option of playing “damsel in distress” like Hillary was able to do in the New Hampshire primary.
    Do folk REALLY want to see Bill traipsing around the White House again? Seriously?

  2. slugger

    Barack Hussein Obama…
    : “So, even if he identifies strongly as a Christian … is a man who
    Muslims think is a Muslim, who feels some sort of psychological need to
    prove himself to his absent Muslim father, and who is now moving in the
    direction of his father’s heritage, a man we want as President when we are
    fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be.

  3. Relax, It's Me

    …and the whisper campaign begins.
    Actually, you’re a bit behind slugger. That whole “OMG HIS MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN HE’S A MUSLIM RUNFORYOURLIFE!!!1!” thing got thoroughly debunked about 6 months ago.
    Nice try though.

  4. Enrique

    Hats off to the Clintons. They are good at what they do. I’m thinking that SC voters are smart enough to not fall for another emotional performance by Hillary.

  5. slugger

    Hillary is a through and through socialist. Obama is a salesman mainly selling himself instead of what is best for this country.
    Thompson or McCain or both is a great choice. Put them both on the ticket one President and the other Vice.

  6. JoseyJ

    We’re voting for John Edwards!
    A black man won’t win the nomination OR the presidency until he’s been elected VP – and Hillary would not choose Obama for VP.
    Hopefully SC voters will figure that out in time to vote for John Edwards.

  7. Blondshag

    What are people thinking…..better wise up……Barack Hussein Obama.
    (1)It is very hard to hope that Obama has any respect for the American flag or the national anthem at all after seeing the photo of Obama, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Harkin’s wife….what gives?
    (2) When Obama took office as a Senator-he did NOT put his hand on the Holy Bible-instead he put his hand on the Koran….?
    (3) Obama is a Muslim or was a Muslim.
    Whatever…..the American people better wise up…and fast!
    For the concerns above – – how could a VOTE for Obama….ever happen???
    ~~HILLARY is Proud of the American Flag!!
    ~~HILLARY is truly Commited to America!!
    ~~HILLARY is experienced and she is ready to do the Presidential duties on day one!!
    ~~HILLARY is well educated and she will get the job done!!
    ~~HILLARY is a very hard worker and she will work for America!!
    ~~HILLARY will do great things for America – she is truly commited!!
    ~~HILLARY is America’s Change Machine and she is ready to get the Wheels of Change rolling for America!!
    ~~She does Saluate the American Flag!!!
    ~~She is truly Proud of America!!!
    ~~~~~~~~~~YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~~~~~~~Who Let The Dogs Out~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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