Video: Jeri Thompson drops by the office

Ken Wingate had just called me back — I was wanting to talk with him about his support for Mitt Romney — and word came up from downstairs that Jeri (Mrs. Fred) Thompson was in the building, and would like to come up and say hi.

Mrs. Thompson graciously sat down for a few minutes to chat, and since I don’t let anybody sit down without turning on my camera, we have video. (FYI, the "Joshua" I speak to off-camera is Joshua Gross, former blogger.)

And yes, we DID talk about my blog post over the weekend about her husband… Just watch the video.

9 thoughts on “Video: Jeri Thompson drops by the office

  1. Heidi Peacock

    Do you know if Mrs. Thompson had just been to an oral surgeon of some sort? Or could you detect a tongue piercing? Or could she just not form certain words/sounds?
    Just rhetorically curious.

  2. KC

    Sounds like she had an oral/orthodontial mouth piece in? Maybe didn’t think the video/audio was going to make it to the web. But great to see Team Thompson in SC

  3. Brad Warthen

    Y’all might want to cut Mrs. Thompson some slack, and consider that the sound quality might have been affected by the fact that the video was shot with a pocket-sized Canon that was intended for still photography.
    Also, I should point out that she was suffering from a cold. Before she could sit down, we had to scramble to find a box of tissues. With my perpetual allergies, I could certainly sympathize.

  4. weldon VII

    Mrs. Thompson did a nice job of politely turning your request that her husband get out of the race around on you, with either fluidity, floridity or both.
    That word was the only problem I heard with her speech.
    This is the first video of yours I’ve ever watched, Brad. You did an admirable job of not getting in the camera’s way.
    Now, let’s check everybody’s qualifications to be First Lady or First Husband. Quick, everybody say “aluminum” and “How many sheets could a sheet-slitter sell to a sheep-shearer sitting in a suction-cup factory?”

  5. rick campbell

    fred certainely has a lovely daughter…too bad her dad is just another taller lazier version of ‘aw shucks dumbya…


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