Voters being turned away in Horry?

A source with the McCain campaign here in the Midlands just passed on a report that the voting machines in Horry County have broken down.

But that’s not the really bad, or astounding, news.

The bad news is that they’ve run out of paper ballots, and are turning voters away from the polls.

If this is right, it’s extremely bad news for John McCain, and for those of us who think it’s important for our country that he be the nominee. And whomever you support, if you care about our republic, you’d have to agree with the McCain guy: "That’s a damned shame."

So what I want to know is, is this just one of these doomsday rumors that fly around on election days, or have any of y’all down on the coast experienced this? Gordon, you live down that way, right? What’s the word? Anyone else?

7 thoughts on “Voters being turned away in Horry?

  1. Gordon Hirsch

    Brad … We’re hearing the same reports. Weather is wet by no freezing. Traffic is light. This just posted on The Sun News site:
    Polling sites out of paper ballots
    Several people have called The Sun News this morning to complain that they were not able to vote this morning because paper ballots were not available when the electronic voting machines malfunctioned.
    Marie VanMeter of Surfside Beach was told when she went to her polling station at Lakewood Elementary School, ”They said they were out of ballots and none of the machines were working in Surfside. They had everyone write down their phone number and that they would call us when we could vote.”
    She added, ”What an injustice to those candidates.”
    Several other people have called to say that polling stations in Surfside Beach were out of paper ballots.

  2. weldon VII

    Dalmatian, Gordon. Dalmatian. Ever the spelling police must I be.
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  3. Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

    Did you miss the really big news that came out about South Carolina last week? South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!
    Somehow, the corporate media overlooked this major story. It was mentioned on the Voice of the Voters radio show, the Vote Rescue Radio show, the Rule of Law Radio show, and the Ron Paul Revolution radio show.
    This news could have helped SC avoid the problems that the Republican voters experienced on January 19, 2008, if a Presidential candidate had taken action to enforce the fundamental right to know that our votes are counted.
    See, Scoop – Top Scoop January 19, 2008 – Appeal to Edwards – Take a Stand for Voting Rights by Michael Collins
    Read the top story published on on January 17, 2008 – An Open Letter to Senator John Edwards: The Constitution Prohibits Secret Vote Counting! Will You Take Action?
    Read the top story published on on January 14, 2008 – South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!
    Article II, § 1 of the Constitution of South Carolina states, “the ballots shall not be counted in secret.” Computers count inside their case, with no oversight, just like they are told to do, unless of course, they malfunction or are hacked. Computers count votes in secret. No one can see a computer count, and therefore, using computers to count votes in secret violates South Carolina’s Constitution!
    This is the election integrity jackpot, a Constitutional provision prohibiting counting votes in secret! No more need to refer to case law, evidence, or logic to argue against secret vote counting, at least in South Carolina.
    Senator Edwards, you have courageously spoken out against touch screen voting. Will you take action to require South Carolina to follow the law? How about another Presidential candidate?
    Please help us make sure that the votes are counted accurately. GO TO and JOIN NOW!


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