We’ve got our own Palm Beach foulup

Well, it’s true: Horry County seems to have a royal foul-up on its hands, Palm Beach-style.

Horry County is McCain country, and it’s big enough to make the difference in this neck-and-neck race. The is shaping up to be THE story of the day in the S.C. Republican Primary.

I understand a machine malfunction. But running out of paper? How is that possible?

7 thoughts on “We’ve got our own Palm Beach foulup

  1. Karen McLeod

    Tell me this isn’t some kind of foul play! Surely if a whole area has to turn voters away, it would force a new primary, wouldn’t it?

  2. Brad Warthen

    I don’t know, Karen. I suppose lawyers would have to sort that out.
    Meanwhile, the latest I hear is that things are SOMEWHAT better in Horry — one voting machine per precinct working now.
    But there’s no telling how many people were already turned away and didn’t get to vote.

  3. Doug Ross

    You expect the government to do something correctly and efficiently? Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
    I voted for Huckabee today. I support Paul 100%, but since he can’t win SC, I voted for my second choice who has a chance to beat one of my last choices.

  4. weldon VII

    Down here in Lee County, or up here in Lee County from Horry, or over here in Lee County, depending on how you turn the map, the polling places were condensed to one per every two precincts to save money.
    So in order to vote today, I had to find a place I don’t normally vote, the Una-Alcott Fire Station, which just happens to be on a part of Highway 15 I rarely traverse.
    Think there was a sign that said “Una-Alcott Fire Station,” “VOTE HERE” or anything to help me find the place?
    Not just no, but hell, no. I even had to walk around the building twice in the rain to figure out where to enter.
    Of course, when I finally reached electoral nirvana, in order to cast my ballot in the Republican Primary, I had to run a gauntlet of nothing but Democrats.
    And you’re worried about Horry?

  5. Randy Ewart

    Greenville is done reporting, SBurg is almost done, Lexington went to McCain and Horry County has yet to report. McCain has won!

  6. Randy Ewart

    Brad, how about a thread on Bill Clinton, Hillary’s sugar daddy? He and Hillary are effective politicians. Congrats to them.

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