What a TREMENDOUS victory speech!


As I try to listen to Obama’s victory speech, my two fellow bloggers — one a Republican, the other a Democrat — over across the room are having an argument over the war, or something they always yell at each other about. I’m not really listening; I’m listening to Obama.

Rep. Jim Clyburn just walked into the studio. He’s the U.S. House Majority Whip, who enthusiastically advances his party’s line every day. He’s a fine, dedicated public servant, but he is SO a part of the system that Obama would lead us beyond.

Meanwhile, Obama is giving a speech that marks a huge, historic step forward toward wiping that all away, toward uniting our country so that we can all pull together in making this a greater place to live. What a contrast!

Here are my rough notes from that extraordinary, historic speech from the man who just won the most astounding victory this state has seen in a presidential primary in my 20 years of covering SC politics, the biggest victory that ANY candidate in EITHER party has won thus far in the 2008 campaign for the presidency:

there were those who doubted this country’s

desire for something new

young and old, black and white

and yes, the republicans from rural Nevada

saying we are tired of business as usual in


this will not be easy, make no mistake of

what we are up against

the kind of politics that are bad for our

party, are bad for our country

running against:
exactly what’s wrong with our politics

why they tune out

give the American people a reason to

believe again.

habits that prevent us from getting things


presumption that young people are apathetic
that Republicans won’t cross over

(that white can’t vote for black, that

black can’t vote for black)

I saw what america is (and what it can be)

When I hear we’ll never change… think of

the former Thurmond staffer who knocked on

doors for THIS campaign.

YES WE CAN heal this nation.

the wind at our backs.

Out of many, we are one; as we breathe, we

will hope

(will overcome the cynicism)


Thank you, South Carolina, we love you!

We just made us some history here in South Carolina.

45 thoughts on “What a TREMENDOUS victory speech!

  1. Yahoo

    In looking at the stats…it appears the vote was along racial lines. More so that at first glance.
    When is the next state that votes that has a majority of Black voters?

  2. Yahoo

    Obama’s support among….
    White Men: 27 percent
    White Women: 22 percent
    Black Men: 80 percent
    Black Women: 77 percent

  3. sue

    Caroline Kennedy (JFK’s daughter) just endorsed Obama, calling him “a president like my father”.
    This is big. I hope this puts Obama over the top on Feb 5th.

  4. Randy Ewart

    Yahoo paints a overly simplistic picture. Chew on these numbers:
    White males: Clintons 28, Obama 27
    Non-black 18-29: Obama 52
    College educated white: Obama gets majority

  5. Yahoo

    Need I point out the obvious…there were two whites in the race…
    I am not ranting here. Obama is ok by me. I probably will not vote for him, but certainly do not cringe at the thought of his winning.
    But the stats are what they are…

  6. mary

    I often wonder~I thought our votes are secret yet here we are being told who voted for whom. Did every exit poll person consent to give away their secret? With 98% reporting in, I notice the only county Obama did not win was won by Edwards (45%) with Clinton at (29%) and Obama at (26%). The county is close to 90% “white”. Interesting, eh.

  7. Randy Ewart

    Great point Yahoo! Yes, there were two white candidates in the race and 52% of whites under 30 turned from both. College educated whites turned from both of them.

  8. weldon VII

    I listened to the whole speech, Brad.
    I have no idea what you’re so excited about.
    Exit polls showed Obama with 81 percent of the black vote and 24 percent of the white vote.
    No matter what he said in his speech, or what percentage of young white Democrats voted for him, he won in South Carolina straight down the racial profile. The Clintons can still marginalize him.
    If he pulls 24 percent of the white vote on Super Tuesday, Hillary will win in a walk.

  9. marcellus

    You sure impress easily, B.W. Still nothing but blather and bull from Hussein. Eighty percent of his vote was black. Some diversity. He did NOT get a majority of the white college-educated, Randy. (Do you know what majority means?) The under 30 non-blacks went for him because they’ve been indoctrinated by the radical leftist public education system that MLK, Jr. was the second coming of Christ, and Hussein does a pretty good imitation of him.

  10. marcellus

    BTW, what’s so historic about this, anyway? Jesse Jackson won the SC primary big, and I don’t recall he came close to the nomination.

  11. Karen McLeod

    You are absolutely right, Brad. It was a great speech, and it speaks to the hope of discussion and reason trumping partisanship and division. Got hope?

  12. It's a Conspiracy

    Sometimes I forget how stupid some people can be…then, some idiot cuts me off in traffic and gives me the “huh” look as I contemplate losing my life/car/low insurance rate because this crazy bitch is on his or her cell phone.
    Then, I’m reminded of idiocy in other arenas…for those of you who bitch about Barack’s middle name: his MOTHER gave him that name. If you don’t like it, go take up that issue with her – she’s dead, by the way, but you hating him for his name is about as reasonable as you arguing with a corpse.
    Blacks may have voted for him, but not ALL Blacks. You have to remember three things: (1) the ones that are being paid by the Clinton machine couldn’t just abandon her like that (she could have given that $120,000 to someone else, if that were the case); (2) the Clintons made this a racial issue, not Obama, and (3) Obama doesn’t dwell on race in his speeches and policies, but others do – and that’s their problem.
    If any of you don’t like Obama, that’s your problem and you’re entitled to your opinion (since they are like anuses, for the most part…). But, do not just assume that only Black people will vote for this man. Only the “cognitive dissonant” among you will not expend the information costs to learn what the man is all about and then make an informed decision as to whether you should vote for him, vote for someone else, or abstain altogether…
    (No, I take that back – the stupid among you are equally likely to shoot off their mouths without doing their homework first. And, we’re back to square one and the dumb blonde who cuts me off in traffic.) Exeunt.

  13. Randy Ewart

    Marcellus, are you blogging from the white supremest rally in Jena? Is using Obama’s middle name what you learned from David Duke down there?
    Let’s break this down again. Obama won a MAJORITY of WHITE votes for those under 30. He won a MAJORITY of WHITE males. Edwards had maybe 5 African-Americans vote for him yet about half stated in exit polls they would vote for Obama over Clinton.
    BTW, Jesse Jackson won a CAUCUS with far less involvement. Apples and Oranges.

  14. Mike Adams

    I laugh at the ignorant claims made by some of Barack, Hillary or the other candidates. I think if they would just listen to what Barack said tonite in his victory speech, about “that was the past, and this is our future, we can make a difference”.
    The past is racism, ignorance, prejudice, and the other ugly stuff. Our future is what we want out of it….something positive, powerful, and of essence.
    Though our cultures will have its unique differences and customs, we all still must coexist. Our coexistence can bring us more than our separation.
    We are not a melting pot anymore, as coined by the old American History books, but are a flowering garden – a nation with many backgrounds, ethnicities and beliefs that are all beautiful; and when united bestows a beautiful portrait.
    Isnt that want Obama is trying to show us? How we can enjoy the garden vs. trying to assimilate into one degenerate pot of the same old stuff (rich-get-richer economics, world domination by force, capitalized heath care,etc) that has us going backwards?
    Take off your blinders and just remember that it took the blood, sweat and tears of every nationality (Native Indians, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics) to build the nation that we currently have and love!

  15. Bill Lawrence

    One interesting tidbit I heard was Barack Obama got more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined.
    That is quite impressive for a Republican state like South Carolina.
    I still wonder if the Demoratic Party will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by nominating Hillary.

  16. Gordon Hirsch

    From CNN polling demographics:
    – Obama took more than 80 percent of the African-American vote, which made up about half of Saturday’s turnout. And he had the support of nearly a quarter of white voters, while Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards roughly split the remainder.
    – Exit polls showed Obama winning majorities across nearly all demographic groups — including women, who made up about 60 percent of Saturday’s voters and who were a bulwark of Clinton’s wins in New Hampshire and Nevada.

  17. marcellus

    Somebody teach Randy the difference between a majority and a PLURALITY.
    But, OK, I made my own semantic slip. Jackson won the SC caucuses (twice) and handily. The only difference between a caucus and a primary is the party hacks have a leg up in the former, so maybe Jackson’s vicotiries were a bigger accomplishment. In ’88 (when there were more candidates still in the race) he won primaries in VA (45%), MS (45%), AL (44%), GA (40%) and LA (36%). Still, he got only 30% of the delegates in the end. But then, he had only about one-twentieth the funds Hussein has.

  18. ben

    PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS FOR ME!!!!!!! Obama keeps claiming he is going to bring change to “Washington” yet HE HAS BEEN A SENATOR OF THE THING HE WISHES TO CHANGE!!!!!!! Give me a break on the “change” spiele.

  19. Randy Ewart

    Marcellus, winning a little more than half of 45,000 caucus goers doesn’t compare to winning 295,000 votes in a primary especially when taking into account Obama’s competition was comprised of a SC native and a former first lady of the “first black president” while JJ was a native son.
    As for the supposed semantic slip: “majority – more than half”. Obama won more than half the votes from white voters under 30 years old – a MAJORITY. Obama won more than half the votes of college educated white voters – a MAJORITY.
    Your use of Obama’s middle name reveals a bias and hints of prejudice. You must find his thunderous victory troubling. Sorry.

  20. Gordon Hirsch

    Brad …
    NYTimes has a great interactive SC map of primary results, showing Hillary carried only one county: Horry (where the voting machines worked flawlessly today.) The map shows:
    Hillary: 39% of vote
    Obama: 33%
    Edwards: 28%
    Compare these results with Horry demographics, where black population is just under half the statewide average, and whites are way over the state average.
    (2006 Census; percentages are Horry vs SC)
    Female persons, percent, 2006 50.9% 51.3%
    White persons, percent, 2006 83.0% 68.5%
    Black persons, percent, 2006 14.6% 29.0%
    Horry also has very large numbers of politically active retirees and transplants who don’t represent traditional Southern views, much like Florida.
    The Independent Republic of Horry may give us a better glimpse of primaries yet to come, moreso than SC results as a whole.

  21. carol from connecticut

    “…Let the word go forth from this time and place…that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans…”
    and may that torch continue to pass to every city and state of this country!
    How fitting, the words of President Kennedy particularly in light of the endorsement of Senator Obama by Caroline Kennedy.

  22. K Anthony

    Racial lines came up so big in the media because of South Carolina…South Carolina has always been about race…From Maurice’s BBQ to Strom Thurmond to the prejudices I endured daily while growing up there…!!! My skin color has always been an issue in SC no matter how much I tried to “blend-in”! It was only until I moved away that I realized that race SHOULD NOT be an issue and our world was so much bigger than BLACKS & WHITES!!!
    Barack Obama broke it down for those of you that bring up the race card, don’t let your children play with the little guy with dreds or cringe at the sight of a bi-racial couple!! Our world, our country, nor South Carolina will ever reach higher until we realize that the multi-culturalism will make us stronger or divded we will continue to fall…
    I’m ready for Change and I’m ready for OBAMA!

  23. The 7-10: Anthony Palmer

    I don’t see why everyone is dogging Obama for attracting Black support. Are Black voters not allowed to vote for Black candidates? Why the double standard?
    Whites vote for Whites all the time and nobody says a peep. It’s “because of the issues.” But when Blacks vote for Blacks, it’s “because of race.” Nobody talked much about Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson receiving 98% of their support from Whites, but doesn’t that indicate far less crossover appeal than Obama’s 24% showing among Whites?
    Keep in mind that Obama attracts much more of the White vote than any Jesse Jackson wannabe has done before. The people who are still criticizing Obama for his Black support now are people who would probably never vote for him to begin with and are just looking for something to complain about.

  24. Slugger

    The speech by Obama was a feel good speech written by a very good speech writer. Nobody has ever been as good at delivering a feel good speech as Ronald R.and he had the good looks and the smile to go with the words. Obama is a salesman. He is selling Obama and the politician that he is.
    The color of his skin has nothing to do with the words that are coming from his mouth while he is selling the snake oil.
    Somebody or one of the party’s platform has got to start making real speeches about what they can do to save this country from a recession (or a deeper one).
    Handing out money for everyone to spend is not how the economy of this country can be propped up. The answer is not spend more but cut federal spending. Who is going to make a speech about this in an election year?
    The person to be elected the President of The United States should not be the one that can make the best speech.

  25. Richard L. Wolfe

    Here is the bottom line. Obama won in a landslide. Can he win S.C. in November? Maybe, maybe not. I am a libertarian leaning person who voted for Obama for two reasons. First he was head and shoulders a better PERSON than Clinton and Edwards. The second reason was a backlash against the republican establishment and the press ramming McCain down our throats. If it’s Obama and McCain in the general election don’t be shocked if libertarians vote for Obama and conservatives stay home.

  26. bud

    The answer is not spend more but cut federal spending. Who is going to make a speech about this in an election year?
    False, False, False! The way to end a recession is to spend MORE money, not cut back. Cuts in government spending as we head into a recession would DEEPEN the recession. Read any economic text book and that’s what they suggest. The great depression was exacerbated by the disasterous spending cuts by the Hoover administration. That economic disaster only ended with huge government spending to fight WW II.
    The GOP has gotten everyone so worked up about government spending that no one can look at this objectively any more. The party of up is down, white is black continues to mislead the American public on issue after issue. Whether it’s the occupation of Iraq, health care, the best way to fight a recession, energy or the environment the GOP continues to peddle snake oil as the solution.

  27. Have You No Decency?

    QUESTION for the RACE BAITERS: In the past, when whites voted for white presidential canditates, did we accuse whites of voting along racial lines? Are we to assume whites didn’t care about such issues as the economy, job rates, etc. and simply voted for a candidate because he was white like them? If we believe this, then why didn’t we make an issue of this racial voting THEN when white males were the candidates?
    So, why is it that when blacks vote for a black presidential canditate, it must be along racial lines? What is going on with this double-standard, insidious rhetoric? Voting along racial lines is NEVER an issue when whites vote for whites; now that blacks vote for blacks, we must address this issue? Needless to say, your argument holds no water.
    It’s this sort of double standard that continues to keep us divided, and I am thankful that Barack Obama carefully and thoughtfully addressed this issue in his SC victory speech. Those of you who continue blindly touting the issue of race because of the fears that lurk in your hearts, should be ashamed of yourselves.
    And for those of you who continue to insist that Obama transcend his race, I ask you: ‘Did you ask Ronald Reagan, George Bush (I&II), Bill Clinton, to transcend their whiteness? How come you didn’t ask for transcendence, then? Again, double-standard. This is despicable.

  28. bud

    Congratulations to Senator Obama’s victory in S.C. Even though I voted for Hillary I was actually pulling for him to win. I know that makes no sense, but I really like the guy and believe he has the best chance of uniting the country in a positive way, not through fear of phantom boogeymen as McCain would do, but as a genuine healer and promoter of positive change. I only fear that Obama may be a bit naive and inexperienced to face the world. That was something that haunted Jimmy Carter. But if Obama wins the nomination he will have my support, 100%.

  29. Slugger

    Webster’s defines inflation as follows:
    “An increase in the volume of money or credit relative to available goods resulting in a substantial and continuing rise in the general price level.”
    Deflation on the other hand would reveal the opposite. It is:
    “A contraction in the volume of money or credit that results in the decline of the general price level.”

  30. Karen McLeod

    The turn-out of voters in the Democratic primary, and the overwhelming support of Obama suggests only 1 thing too me: Everyone is tired, tired, tired of divisiveness! It really angered me that the media insisted on giving it racial spin. Not 6 weeks ago the ‘black vote’ was for Clinton. If race were really the key here, it would have stayed so. But Sen. Obama’s inclusiveness is very attractive. His determination to talk about work, sacrifice, and cooperation when everyone else is trying to play the ‘race card’ reveals a person focused on the prize which is a better more united America. And SC said ‘yes!’ overwhelmingly.

  31. mac

    About Bud’s post…
    His only fear is that he thinks Sen. Obama may be naive and inexperienced, but should he be nominated he’ll give 100% support. Hey, if experience is the key, McCain’s your candidate!

  32. Lee Muller

    Obama didn’t actually say anything.
    He is an empty suit, all feel-good, coom-by-yah prose, avoiding exposure of his ideology, his goals, his ideas, and his lack of ideas.
    Thinking people are repulsed by it.

  33. Lee Muller

    If Democrats want more spending, all they have to do us permanently cut taxes on those who work hard and earn the most money, not to hand out small cash payments to those who will blow it on liquor, smokes, and rap music.

  34. Slugger

    What a tremendous asset for Obama to have an endorsement by Ted Kennedy.
    I certainly hope that Obama does not get in the backseat of any vehicle driven by Ted Kennedy that might be crossing the Chappaquadic.

  35. jim lewis

    Been sitting on the fence for awhile. Now that Senator Wild Turkey has given Obama the kiss of death, I will contact the McCain camp for some bumper stickers.

  36. BraveJeWorld

    A huge amount of work is on the plate of the new King of the Universe. Iran, Irag, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, The environment, domestic issues, World Economic Crisis and that’s just for starters!

  37. Nicole Fierro

    Hello, I am editor-in-chief of a high school newspaper and I was wondering if I could have permission to use your photo of Barack Obama’s victory speech for our front page article. Please email me your response.
    Thank You,
    Nicole Fierro

  38. john Arthur

    As a foreigner with keen interest in the American political system for many years.I feel compelled to make this comment: America can now talk to the world about leading by example. they have broken most of the perceived and real barriers of Racism. From this day on America will Lead the world with more Glory and power for a long time to come. The economic turn around will be more sustainable and swift because All Americans feel they now have a steak in Capacity building.
    My contribution to America is An American/Obama Computer downloadable Game.http://www.ideologyusa.com This Game speaks to those who embrace Democracy, Capitalism, *Obama* and the success of America. It is also a commemorative Icon (The OBAMA Phenomenon) at this juncture of American and world history. By playing this game players will be stimulated to discern that the advancement of people’s well being is dependent on the Ideology adopted. In this regard players will discover that a particular Ideology can be either Productive or counter productive. It is designed as a pronouncement on the American Political and economic system as superior despite the challenges. It also contributes to the Ideological global awareness of players of all ages.
    The first of it’s kind in the world. It has clues like Castroism, socialism, Democracy Obama, USSR, Apartheid, communism etc. This Game also have questions about Obama that puts you in good stead if answered correctly. The beautiful feature with it also is that it can evolve depending on the demands of players (why) because I wrote and designed it based on my Ideological beliefs. It’ the first of it’s kind. http://www.ideologyusa.com how to play the game http://www.ideologyusa.com/info.php?id=
    My Best Regards
    John Arthur
    Website: http://www.ideologyusa.com


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