An early look at District 79

Here’s where all those truckloads of information I’ve been dumping on this blog for nigh on to 3 years start to be semi-useful.

As you may have read at S.C. Politics Today, two people — Sheri Few and Anton Gunn — have filed to run for the House seat Bill Cotty is vacating.

Way back when this experiment was young, I filed fairly substantial posts on our endorsement interviews with both of these candidates. Ms. Few ran against Mr. Cotty for the GOP nomination, and Mr. Gunn was the Democratic nominee.

This was so early in the process of figuring out how to use the blog that I actually didn’t have a camera with me when we interviewed Ms. Few. (Hers was only our second of 53 such interviews in that cycle.) Later, once the precedent was established (nowadays I’m more likely to forget a notebook than my camera), I did get photos of Mr. Gunn. I also shot some video, even though I didn’t yet know what to do with it. (It was later in that election cycle when I figured out how to post them through YouTube. My first legislative victims were Jim Harrison and Boyd Summers.

Anyway, even though I gave you the links to my interview notes above, here they are in a more orderly way:

As for the Anton Gunn video — well, it’s not very good, but here’s an unedited chunk of it (I’ll get better video than this of Ms. Few when she comes in this time):

4 thoughts on “An early look at District 79

  1. Richard L. Wolfe

    Brad, I know this doesn’t belong in this section but I don’t know where else to ask it. Before you unpublish what I’m asking will you answer the question?
    James Hoffa head of the teamsteers Union spent 1/2 hour on C-SPAN talking about the NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY that is being planned as we speak. Does the media know about this and if not why not? If they know about it why isn’t it in the news and why aren’t these candidates being asked about it?

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